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  1. Some of you may know I took a 3 shifts a week at a LTCF in the Beckley,WV area a few weeks ago. I can honestly say I think I was having a mental lapse to do this, but now that it is done, I am getting in the swing of things and attempting to move my mind into LTC versus acute care thinking. During a very confusing, rushed orientation we were drilled on checking our time cards via the time clock to insure we were "properly compensated" for all work. I have been checking my time once a week as instructed, and each and every week I have been having an Unexcused Absence listed on my time. I could not speak to the DON, she announced she was resigning 2 days after my first shift and was taking her vacation, no help from the HR, she was off sick, the charge nurse of the unit told me she only addressed "day shift" concerns and I would have to clear the matter up with payroll. Payroll manager told me she did not have a schedule for me, and schedule person is off too d/t auto accident. The real kicker of this situation is all of these "Unexcused Absences" are listed for days I am not scheduled to work. Not a single one is for a scheduled shift. I have attempted to speak to the new DON, and the administrator, no luck, they are always in meetings.

    I cannot figure out how I have a schedule, can clock in, can clock out but no one else seems to know anything about how, where, or when I am scheduled to work. I have enough "Unexcused Absences" to be discharged from the position as of this morning. I attempted once again to clear this matter up, but still getting the run-around. I feel that my last pay was short over 12 hours, holiday pay too. Dare I say I am actually paying this facility to work for them? I am going to attempt to clear this situation up one more time, then I think I may have to get in touch with the state wage and hour people to get some help. One thing is for sure, I do not see a long term position developing here.

    So anyway, I hope everyone else is having a great week. Blessings.
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    Hmmm. If I were you I would be feeling inconsequential by now. Make sure your pay is straight before you resign. I wonder if they will notice you are gone, when you find another position and depart. Hmmm.