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  1. Hello, I took the NET nursing test in Buckhannon for the LPN program, got my letter the other day, it said I passed and to come for an interview on October 13, 2008. I was wondering how the interview will go, I'm so nervous because I'm a 44 year old woman, trying to get into a nursing program. Has anyone ever attended the program there? All help is needed.

    Thanks in Advance
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  3. by   barefootlady
    Congrats to you on passing the test. I do not know the school but I do know the LPN program at any facility is demanding, they look for people who are ready and willing to commit to a full year of hard work. Now, do not let that scare you, I was almost as old as you when I first went to LPN school, with a sick hubby and 2 kids.
    If you are dedicated and willing, you can do it. There are plenty of jobs here in WV and other places for the LPN. Do not let some of the comments you read here about how no one wants to hire an LPN fool you. Most of the facilities in my area, and I live between two of the bigger cities in WV, hire LPN's.
    Good luck at the interview. Be honest, dress in a professional manner, look the person in the eye, listen to each question and think of what you say before you open your mouth.
    Nursing is one of the hardest, most demanding, most fullfilling jobs you can ever do. We are needed, we are respected, and we have a sense of fullfillment few other jobs give a person. (Money ain't too bad either even for an LPN here in WV.)
    Good Luck and let us know how things go.
  4. by   sconoli
    I went to their LPN program. It was demanding, stressful but in the end, it was worth it. At the interview there will be about 4 people, I think, if not 5 in the room with you. The director of the school itself, the director of financial aid, the director of the LPN program and another teacher in there. They will all ask you questions such as why LPN school, why nursing, do you plan to work, do you have familly support since this is a very demanding program, etc. Don't say I want to be a nurse b/c I want to help people and yada yada. Everyone says they want to be a nurse to help people. Don't plan on working, do plan on studying endlessly and being reallly stressed. Do plan on being singled out by a teacher b/c you're an older student and be very prepared for clinicals. Do plan on this being very cliquey. It will be much like high school, favoritism, gossipping, etc.. Don't miss, do your homework. I'm not trying to make it sound terrible, i'm trying to be honest. I was very disappointed in the immature behavior of some of the people in this program that was tolerated the whole year just b/c they were a "favorite" If you really want to succeed, go to school and clinical every day and do your work, know your stuff top to bottom, be prepared to be questioned in clinicals and DO NOT get caught up in the immature behaviors of classmates. It will happen. Older students are singled out in this program and be prepared for it. don't take it personal, it happens every year. Good luck, if you need anything once you get in let me know.
  5. by   CCRN-CMC-CSC
    I was in the same position a year ago (not the same program). I used my age as a selling point for why they should let me in. I told them this was a huge undertaking for me and since I am grown I understood the ramifications of not working hard. I told them I had no other option than to succeed because my family depended on me. I also told them what a positive it was that I was far past the tempations of spending my free time dating, partying, and running around with friends. Heck, 44 means that your old enough to understand the value of an education. Good Luck!!!!
  6. by   Lorrie1964
    I went to my interview, and I was so nervous. I don't think I did a very good job, my replies didn't come out the way they should have. I'll know something by the end of October or first of November. I tried, and its something I really want, I hope they see past the nervousness.
  7. by   ember2008
    I actually am trying to get into the school this coming program, also. I had my interview yesterday (the 14th). I think it went well...I really hope so. Anyways, I was just wanting to say that I told them I was nervous and that I always stammer when nervous. I'm sure they knew that everyone was nervous. I have faith in you. I'm sure you did fine....everyone just assumes the worst. Good luck!
  8. by   Lorrie1964
    Well, received my letter today October 25, 2008, I didn't get in to the LPN program was alternate #6, and that means if anyone decides not to be seated or quits the program between January 5-9 2009, I'll be called after the other 5, I thought I was going to cry. I just waited to long for as old as I am.
  9. by   Lorrie1964
    Quote from Lorrie1964
    Well, received my letter today October 25, 2008, I didn't get in to the LPN program was alternate #6, and that means if anyone decides not to be seated or quits the program between January 5-9 2009, I'll be called after the other 5, I thought I was going to cry. I just waited to long for as old as I am.

    What is their drop out rate for the school, people changing their minds before it starts or quiting in their first week, do I still have hope?
  10. by   barefootlady
    I know this is disheartening, but I know miracles happen all the time, do not be too discouraged. It may happen yet. Being #6 on a list is not bad. All sorts of things could happen and you may still be able to go. If not this year, then try again next year. I went to nursing school with several ladies older than you when they started.
    Prayers and best wishes to you.
  11. by   sconoli
    Please don't think your shot at nursing is over, no pun intended When I went to their program, there were several "older" ladies in the program, some in their 50's and one of them actually was the TENTH alternate. She became one of my closes friends and did well in the program. She had to study a little harder but did very well and overcame the obstacles she faced. If it's meant for you to be in the program, you'll be there. If you're not meant for it this year, there may be a better way for you. Don't give up just yet, you may get that call from the school, there are several that leave the first week. Things have a way of working out the way they are meant to.
  12. by   tarheelchick3113
    Hi all.
    This is my first post so bear with me.

    I tried to get into Fred Eberle last year. I passed the test, and went for the interview too. I was totally turned down though-I didn't even get alternate. The worse part was how rude the teacher (the man, i forget his name) was to me.

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. I took a CNA course last spring and now I'm going to Wesleyan for my RN. I look at it as a blessing that I didn't get in to the program. Things will look up for you too.:wink2:
  13. by   Lorrie1964

    I received a little good news yesterday December 8. They already used 5 alternates and I'm number 6, they have another meeting before Christmas, and school hasn't even started yet, which begins January 5, people still can drop out that week, and I still can go, waiting pon the call, I'm next. I hope.
  14. by   Lorrie1964

    Today is January 2, 2009, still no news about the LPN program, I'm the next one up, school starts January 5-9, 2009, I'm just waiting on the call to tell me to come to school, 5 people already declined before school started, I'm number 6, now I'm really getting nervous, and wondering if anyone will quit their 1st week, which I hope. what are the odds of anyone quitting their 1st week?