1. hello:

    I am trying to help my nurse manager in persuing the idea of LPNs staring IVs in our hospital.

    I work in the ER and this would be a great place to "Pilot" a new program but i need some hard data, such as competencies, protocols, descriptions, etc.

    if any of you have any information about LPNS starting lines in your hospitals, please let me know which facility you work in, so i may call the human resources or professional nursing departments!

    thanks gang!
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  3. by   barefootlady
    1. Check with state board for guidelines.
    2. Contact other institutions, both large and small, in the area to
    see what they have.

    My experience has been, a class was setup by HN/Nurse Educator
    for all interested. Never more than 10 were in any class. Basic IV guidelines where reviewed, films persented. Arm dummies supplied for practice sticks, then stick one another, then the LPN had to complete 10 routine sticks under the supervision of RN and be signed off. This was placed in education/employment file. LPN was then able to do sticks. Basic IV class did cover flushing of Med Lock, dsg change, site condition, policy for site change, policy for not changing site, and documentation of stick. Hope this helps.
  4. by   ERnurseKevin
    thank you so much.

    Our hospital as the competency for new grad RNs and because it is the same procedure, I just wonder why they (education dept) cant use the same information. We (staff) did get the IVF education in corporate orientation. Just wont let us stick. we are the only hospital in the area that doesnt let LPNS stick! ODD EH?

    Thanks for the info!