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I was wondering if anyone had heard anything about the acceptance letters yet. I know it's still a little early, but the letter for the interview said we should know by the 9th. It's basically all I can think about at this point.... Read More

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    For those that are in the program, is it worth it to pay all the extra money for the green parking permit? I wanted to buy my parking pass soon, but I have no idea which option to pick.

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    Not really, I buy yellow, that's what I would suggest, I think there is a map of parking on the website also
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    So I'm just trying to see if anyone else here is on the wait list for wsu??? Any info?
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    Which campus did you apply to? I'm surprised you haven't heard anything yet! Maybe they will call you last minute,like the first day of classes. A friend told me that students can even get called after classes least that's what she heard

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