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Where is the best teaching hospital? - page 2

Where is the best teaching hospital in Washington? Also do you know how long the orientation last? I'm looking forward to moving there someday, and I value all of the Washington nurses' opinion. ... Read More

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    I've been hearing good reports of harborview medical centre, particularly from the surgeons in my facility. I think some of them have been there for their medical fellowship for trauma surgery. I would like very much to be able to visit this centre with the fellowship program that my facility (NUH, Singapore) is offering me. IS there anything that I should find out further or to prepare for this posting?!! I should know the outcome of my fellowship soon and would have to start working out the necessary arrangements which I have no idea how to o about!!! Any one workiing in HArborview who can help?
    Any form of information and help would be much appreciated!!! Thanks in advanced!!!
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    I have heard nothing but good things about U-dub. I know a few people who work/worked there.