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Where is the best teaching hospital in Washington? Also do you know how long the orientation last? I'm looking forward to moving there someday, and I value all of the Washington nurses' opinion. ... Read More

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    the uwmc is a magnet hospital. (see the thread on magnet hospitals). in the icus, which is all i can speak to, they spend a lot more time, effort and energy on recruitment than on retention. a great place to get some icu experience, but they really don't expect you to stick around.

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    I'm looked at the website for UW because according to what I'm reading from everyone, it is the best place to go in the NW area. You are right. It does seem to offer great teaching. The only thing that disturbs me is they said after you have gone through the training, you have to stay there for 2 yrs. I'm very faithful to a place of employment if they show compassion, concern, loyalty and stay true to their promises they made to their employees, but since I don't know what the future holds for me 2 yrs down the road, how can I or anyone commit to that obligation? What is the worst that can happen to you if you break your contract?
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    I have worked in Texas with facilities who agree to train a nurse in say...Critical Care, and provide a residency in return for a 2 yr commitment. The nurses had to sign an agreement they would pay back some of the expenses of the training program if they left ahead of time. I do NOT know if this is true here in Washington however. (I just moved here and don't know the ropes yet either...LOL)
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    I've been hearing good reports of harborview medical centre, particularly from the surgeons in my facility. I think some of them have been there for their medical fellowship for trauma surgery. I would like very much to be able to visit this centre with the fellowship program that my facility (NUH, Singapore) is offering me. IS there anything that I should find out further or to prepare for this posting?!! I should know the outcome of my fellowship soon and would have to start working out the necessary arrangements which I have no idea how to o about!!! Any one workiing in HArborview who can help?
    Any form of information and help would be much appreciated!!! Thanks in advanced!!!
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    I have heard nothing but good things about U-dub. I know a few people who work/worked there.

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