WANTED: personal reviews of Seattle nursing schools-good, better & don't bother

  1. my goal is to become a crna.

    i'm at step two right now.

    it's my understanding that the science classes i took the first time through college 15 years ago are too old. armed with this rather disturbing knowledge i put my ego in my back pocket and registered for a general biology class this summer. i just got my first test back and i scored a 99%. so hooray. i know i'll need to re-take a&p, micro, chem and a few others before i'll be eligible to get into nursing school. i also know i should probably be applying to nursing school before all my pre-reqs are finished.

    sooooooo. where do i go? there are at least a half dozen schools in the seattle area that offer nursing programs. they all have different prerequisites: courses, grades, volunteer experience,and prior degrees. i know some schools are probably better than others. some will be prohibitively expensive. some probably won't help me pass the nclex and get a good job. i don't have anyone to ask. i could set up appointments with every school in the area, but that won't neccessarily help me. all the schools are sure to speak of their accolades, but no one is going to tell me if they are sub-par.

    do you have personal experience you'd share with me? where did you go? what did you love about the program and what drove you crazy? if you had to do it again (or are in the middle of it) would you choose the same program again?
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    did you ever get any info? i am looking into a master's program too, not CRNA
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