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Not to burst any bubbles, but the University of Washington is on the decline. They've just raised tuition for their family nurse practitioner program to exceed that of medical school. We're talking... Read More

  1. by   Raven713
    Quote from mlr03
    Seattle U tuition is about 29,000 a year, not including lab fees and stuff like that. UW's is closer to $6,000-$8,000 a year for BSN, I am not sure on the actual number because my mom paid the tuition when I went there, lol.

    And yeah, babyRN, I think it is for grad not undergrad.

    And actually, I know people who just got accepted to Seattle U for the midwifery and geriatric NP programs, I think they are fairly new but they are indeed happening.
    So for someone going for a BSN UW is good to go? Just not any Masters+ programs?
  2. by   just_cause
    UW is a great school IMHO - and has both a great BSN and Masters selection of programs. The OP has posted some personal opinions - good thing is that everyone is entitled to their own.
    US news has a formula for selecting schools - it's obviously only as useful as the means of ranking schools... I use it as a reference but understand, as most do, that it is subjective - just like a personal opinion. Just like the OP stated about the NCLEX - all these factors can be taken into account as a means of judging a school... in this environment I personally would apply to multiple schools given the competitiveness of acceptance - and the opportunity to keep as many doors open as possible.
    I recommend talking to more students, visiting the campus, weighing expenses, etc.
    The FNP program is currently the spotlight as tuition for the program increased 43% with short notice - this is driven by the state of WA raising tuition and reducing allocated funding to universities, in turn UW reduces department funding, the FNP was the most subsidized of the MSN programs and the cost is now a greater portion of the actual cost is being passed to the student. I'd hate to be in the class that has to quickly react to the cost inflation - however, in the end the individual can judge the cost to value of the program and their commitment to choose the program or not will be based on the perceived value of the program - market adjustment.
    SU is a great school as well - PLU has some great aspects as well... I would look into it a bit and see what you are looking for in a program. I would also look into the residence halls available at each location - clinical sites and any extracurricular groups or research that you might be intrigued by.
    Best of luck!
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  3. by   stellasaurus
    Oh definitely go check it out for yourself. And ask around what nurses in the community think--you'll hear a lot about the fantastic nursing program... at Shoreline.
    Also remember, just because you go to UW does not guarantee you a clinical placement at UWMC or Harborview. And remember what the UW has done to their FNP students. By the way, they still haven't even notified the incoming FNP students about the tuition hike. That's how much they think of their students.
  4. by   babyNP.
    Aren't the FNP students paying what everyone else is paying now? I mean, $600 a quarter seems really cheap. Maybe I read that wrong.
  5. by   stellasaurus
    The FNPs pay $26K/year starting June 22. Nurses who work at the UWMC and Harborview and attended the program and/or worked as TAs used to pay less, depending on their union contract. That's all over though. Now all FNPs pay $26K/year. It's more than med students.
  6. by   babyNP.
    So the tuition reimbursement for working at UWMC/HMC isn't eligible for any programs at all anymore? Bummer. I may have to stay at DC children's and use their program to pay for UPenn after all.

    In my field (neonates), Washington state isn't that great for Neonatal NP anyway since people having babies is something like the 20th percentile compared to the nation.
  7. by   just_cause
    Quote from babyRN.
    So the tuition reimbursement for working at UWMC/HMC isn't eligible for any programs at all anymore?
    Where did you see this?
  8. by   babyNP.
    Quote from stellasaurus
    The FNPs pay $26K/year starting June 22. Nurses who work at the UWMC and Harborview and attended the program and/or worked as TAs used to pay less, depending on their union contract. That's all over though. Now all FNPs pay $26K/year. It's more than med students.
    I'm just taking what stellasaurus said, since students in the FNP program work at HMC/UWMC used to get that tuition exemption thing. Just looked at the UW website under benefits and it's still there and doesn't list anything about nursing graduate programs. I think I'll call the school tomorrow to clarify.

    It's looking pretty grim though because once people take something away, it usually never comes back; I don't think we'll ever see free baggage check again, for example.
  9. by   just_cause
    gotcha, please post what you find out~ I agree with the line of thought that once something is taken away it is much harder to get back
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  10. by   babyNP.
    So the plot thickens...

    Got ahold of Academic Services at the school of nursing to ask the real dope and he basically said that the FNP program was the only program to not receive the tuition exemption if you work at UWMC/HMC, but everything else was still viable. Asked him if he thought the other programs would lead out that way and he said "no."

    Kind of sucks for the FNP folks, but they're really a dime a dozen in nursing programs so you can get your FNP elsewhere, although they really should've let those folks already enrolled finish up their degree program or at least given them more than 2-3 weeks warning.

    I guess what they're driving at is that many people won't be working at HMC/UWMC who are completing those kinds of programs other than FNP. I was originally hoping to get a job on their NICU and then go for NNP (neonatal NP). I'm not so sure now...
  11. by   babyNP.
    Aiiiie! In the other thread (under nursing news), UWSON said that they won't be giving tuition exempt for doctoral programs in the future...and considering that UW is going to be all doctoral (no masters) in the near future, not good! So...get in now and get everything in a legal contract is their suggestion...
  12. by   06CaliforniaRN
    I'm an undergrad at the UW studying public health and pre-nursing so I've been exploring my options for post-bac nursing school. I haven't heard anything good about the UW nursing school as far as experiences. I've heard from mutual friends that the students are treated poorly (like a nuisance as someone else said) , to the point where one girl sincerely considered dropping out (this is undergrad I'm talking about though). Other than that, when I met with the undergrad nursing advisor UW (who is extremely nice and very helpful), she straight up told me not to do the MEPN (now GEPN) program at UW, mostly because I'm out-of-state and the cost wouldn't be worth it for me. But aside from cost, she also mentioned how hard the program was, I'm not sure if she was saying that all MEPN programs are tough (believable), or if the UW SON program was more so than others.

    Her advice to me was to finish my undergraduate degree, and then get an ADN, which would be equivalent to a BSN in the workforce (except for some areas that require a BSN like neonatal).

    UW is a good school, but they have definitely screwed me over on a lot of things. They don't care much about the individual, but more so the classes as a whole. Maybe that's why the school is so strong in their public health and community medicine program..... (jokes)
  13. by   sunnysteph87
    I am pretty much in the same boat as you! I am an undergrad at UW studying the global health concentration in anthropology (figured that major would help me somewhat when I go into nursing). I recently decided to go pre-nursing and am also probably going to opt for the ADN after I graduate. DO you know where you will go yet? I figure if I really end up needing the BSN later on, I can always go to UW Bothell for a year. I believe you can work while you go there because the classes are only one day a week!

    I wouldn't consider doing the accelerated program at UW seattle, I have been going there for a couple years now and don't really like the atmosphere. I actually realized I prefer smaller schools haha.

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