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I'm surprised that this year I haven't seen any threads about people applying to UW's program. What's going on? Where are all the 2012 hopefuls? Reveal yourselves ;) Good luck to everyone!... Read More

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    I got my UW acceptance letter (I'm a returning student) and it says I have to pay my deposit by May 1. Do you guys think I should send my deposit before April or should I wait to find out whether I got into the SoN so I don't lose the money? I know Carolyn Chow said we need to be enrolled in UW before we can be accepted, or something like that.

    What do you all think?

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    My understanding was that she was saying if we hadn't already applied UW, we needed to do that ASAP. I was surprised when she said that though, because I couldn't imagine that anyone hadn't done that yet, since it stressed on the application instructions to do that plenty of time before applying to the SoN. Also, the deadline for UW applications was supposedly Feb. 15, the day of the proctored essay, which also made it odd. However, that was the way I understood it, so my opinion would be that you could wait to put down the deposit until you find out if you're accepted. Also, the notification period for non-returning transfer students isn't until June-July, so it wouldn't make sense for those applicants to need to be enrolled before being accepted. If you're still unsure though, you could just call them up. Congrats on the acceptance! 1 down, 1 to go
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    One down, one to go...

    I would wait until notification from the SoN too, that way if you hear from another school you can use that for a deposit there instead of having multiple deposits out. Just my input.

    I applied for summer quarter that way if I am accepted, I can start in the optional summer classes that way I wont have to take 17 credits the first quarter and it takes a slight load off of spring quarter also.
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    Hehe I wish I saw it as "one down, one to go" but to me there's only ONE

    But I think I'll wait since other people haven't gotten acceptances yet. Do you guys know when that will happen? Are any of you returning students, too?
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    Quote from YoungIdealist
    Hehe I wish I saw it as "one down, one to go" but to me there's only ONE

    But I think I'll wait since other people haven't gotten acceptances yet. Do you guys know when that will happen? Are any of you returning students, too?
    For Transfer students, we won't hear until May-June, which is way too long, IMO.

    Nursing, we wont hear until April 15th-ish...
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    Hi, all! I looked for a UW 2012 thread months ago and didn't find one. Glad to see that one sprung up since then!

    Waiting for the acceptance/rejection notice is torture. I got accepted to UW ABSN and put my deposit down but am still in limbo land. I also just got accepted to UCSF's direct-entry master's program, and I'm debating between UW or UCSF. Downfall of UCSF is that I will have NO nursing experience upon graduation with a master's degree, which is a big caveat. However, UW has discontinued accepting applicants for their master's nurse practitioner programs. That means my dream job of becoming a nurse practitioner would entail a BSN and DNP from UW which will take 5-7! UCSF is 3 years! I guess if it comes down to it I could always work as an RN after I graduate from UCSF and then transition into nurse practitioner role if the lack of RN experience ends up being a problem. UW is appealing because Seattle is my current home... Decisions, decisions...and then again I'm still waiting to hear back for the BSN...

    Was anyone else put off by UW's application process? It's so long and tedious. I understand that it helps them weed their applicant pool and is partly why it is so competitive, but I'm sure it could still be streamlined somehow. UW was the hardest application of the 5 I completed.
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    YoungIdealist... When did you submit your application for the UW general application (not the SON one). I applied beginning of Jan and have not heard back yet and am wondering how long it will take...
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    Wow you got accepted into the UW ABSN AND the UCSF master's programs, that's amazing. I want to be a nurse practitioner eventually, too, and if I got accepted into a 3 year program I'd take it in a heartbeat. Much cheaper and faster.

    I applied around the same day the nursing application was due. I'm a returning student though, so that's probably why I received my acceptance so soon.
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    I also heard 230 on site and 30 off site
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    The regular school admissions states that they will notify us in May or June. I think that is the least of our worries. I explicitly remember Carolyn stating that if we get into the SoN and not the UW, the SoN will fight for us to get in, unless there is some pre-req or some real reason that we should not be admitted.

    Is there anyone looking at starting the optional summer classes??

    It looks like they offer the health assessment class and gerontology nursing class over the summer as optional classes. That would take 5 credits off of the 17 credits in the fall and 2 off of the 18 in the spring....

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