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I'm surprised that this year I haven't seen any threads about people applying to UW's program. What's going on? Where are all the 2012 hopefuls? Reveal yourselves ;) Good luck to everyone!... Read More

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    Quote from YoungIdealist
    Wow I wish I had done things like you have... you're so young and already on track to become a nurse, that's great! Every experience you have counts. What I got from the info session is that your experience is what you make of it. They don't seem to care TOO much about WHAT you've done, but instead they want to see how it's shaped you and how it's made you reflect on who you are (they talk about self-reflection/awareness a lot).

    My experience, I had 300 hrs in clinical research in Fred Hutch and 1000 hrs working as a community health worker in a CHC. I work directly with a nurse so that's nice. I also included the 50 clinical hrs that I did in my NAC class.

    Honestly I have no clue if I'll get in but I want to be realistic and not get my hopes up too much.

    I didn't think to include my clinical hours :/ Did you include this in your essay or on the resume? My resume had the Job Shadows listed and my NAC work at the nursing home but for the essay I just wrote about my NAC experience. I worked with a nurse also and she was the one who did my Recommendation Letter.

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    Quote from armynurse68
    It is my first year applying. I'm pretty pessimistic about UW because of all the stories I hear! I have a strong gpa and lots of experience but I still feel like I don't have what it takes to be accepted. I also applied at SU, SPU, PLU, WWU and WSU.

    I applied to SU, SPU, and WSU! Hoping for UW tho! What kind of experience do you have?
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    I don't think they are sending the emails out until Friday. And if it is anything like the rest of UW emailed admissions notifications (from other departments) they will probably send it out in the evening 4 or 5pm-ish (although the app says it will be by 12pm)
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    Kasko, in my essay I talked about my experience as a CHW. I included the hours in my resume. If you're a CNA , I don't see a need to include those clinical hours. I included them because I wanted them to see that I'm not afraid of doing the "dirty work" since I don't do any of that in my current job.

    As far as the e-mails go, I don't think we're getting them until tomorrow afternoon (or maybe even later).
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    I know we won't get emails until to tomorrow, but I'm not ashamed to admit I've already checked my in-box several times today!
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    I might turn off my email notifications on my phone because every little vibrate will probably send my hopes up! Good luck everyone!
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    So.... nervous...
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    I got my EMT and LPN license through the military. I did a variety of things while serving and I've spent the last few years working on an inpatient post surgical floor. I have volunteered in a few different areas but they don't stand out as much as my service and work experience.
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    Anyone get an email??
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    No email yet, I called and they said they should go out by 5pm now. They are behind.

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