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I'm surprised that this year I haven't seen any threads about people applying to UW's program. What's going on? Where are all the 2012 hopefuls? Reveal yourselves ;) Good luck to everyone!... Read More

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    I'm positive SoN will send out an email on the topic when the time is right and I wouldn't worry about registering for the course yet. UW summer registration doesn't start for another few weeks (Mid April). Plus, that course is available only to nursing students and is a first-year NS course so, the only other people interested in taking it are ABSN students and other 1-year BSN students. Also, it's summer quarter so there will be even less "competition" for seats. Or so I imagine. Either way, you'll have to wait until you have been officially admitted to UW, receive your student id number and probably gone through the formal orientation & registration (&/or a SoN faculty/employee will give you an add-code). You'll definitely be able to get it all done, it will just feel like everything takes forever because we (or at least I) just want to get started!
    I was just contemplating this; now that all our worrying and waiting for UW admissions is over, the prolonged anticipation over starting nursing school has just begun! I don't plan to take summer courses so I have almost 6 months (!!!) to wait. Nearly half a year! Oh the agony of suspense!

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    The only reason I brought it up is that when I spoke to the UW admissions office they needed to know ASAP if I planned to take take the summer course so that they can expedite my general application. Otherwise I wouldnt get a notification or general information until after the class started...
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    So should I call the admissions office to see about getting set up for this course? I'm about 75% I want to take it as my friend currently in the program says I'll be glad I did.
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    I am going to wait to hear from Dora, I am sure the are fielding a bunch of "Why didnt I get in" phone calls and emails...

    If its possible then I am 110% going to do it....
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    Let me know what you find out JLoya as I think it would be beneficial to get this class out of the way! I hate being in this limbo where you got in but have to clear the general UW red tape. All I wanna do is take this class!
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    Hummm just got this email through the list-serve. It's addressed to this years 1st year BSN students but it sounds like newly admitted students will have the opportunity to take both NCLIN 302 Practicum: Health Assessment (5) & NURS 407 Cultural Variation & N Prac (3) this summer!


    Some of you are planning to take NURS 407 in Summer Quarter rather and are not taking it this quarter. Please note that this course is open to the newly admitted BSN students as well, so there is the possibility that the class will fill up. Please make sure to register for it promptly once your Priority Registration date arrives (Period I Priority Registration Dates) so you don’t risk missing out!

    Dora Wang
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    Quote from fn2012
    Let me know what you find out JLoya as I think it would be beneficial to get this class out of the way! I hate being in this limbo where you got in but have to clear the general UW red tape. All I wanna do is take this class!
    Unless you want to take 17 credits your very first quarter with Clinical Applications of A&P, Pharmacotherapeutics in Nursing Practice I, Human Responses I, Basic Skills of Nursing Practice AND the health assessment course ( which is some of the bread and butter of evaluating patients) I don't think there is any question that it would be beneficial; that is unless you have some exotic vacation planned....

    With what abalone said, if I can take Nurs 407 also, one less thing to worry about... That takes spring quarter from 18 credits down to 15 credits...
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    I just talked to admissions and what I was told if you want to take that class you would have to send an email and change your enrollment to Summer qtr. this means you will find out in May? Yet, there is no guarantee of a seat as priority is given to current UW BSN who put it off and general UW people looking to get the jump. If you don't get a seat you still have to take a summer course at UW now that you made the summer commitment. The course doesn't matter. I kinda hate there is no guarantee.
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    Sounds like Im taking summer quarter off then.... and then may take NCLIN 302 next summer... dont want to commit to summer and then have a class with only 32 spots fill up... maybe Ill wait until after the registration begins and we are able to register and then change my mind.... hahaha... I just need to focus on this quarter anyways.... hahaha

    April 16-May 23 is the registration for returning students... not me...

    May 24-June 17 is the registration for newly admitted students.... will sit and ponder this decision
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    The other option she mentioned is registering as a non-matriculated student for summer qtr but you would have to shell out $1624 (still no guarantee). Also I don't have the energy to pay another $60 app fee and submit a summer application. Argh!!

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