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Anyone applying to the UW SoN for fall 2013? Anyone else FREAKING OUT about it like I am?... Read More

  1. by   Megan_fm
    You choose one of 3-4 essays. Very opinion based. and some math problems. Easily finished with the time limit.
  2. by   altron2000
    To all the people who got in:

    a) what does your volunteering look like
    b) what was your natural science GPA

    Thanks! I don't think I made the cut because of my lack of volunteering hours. Oh and no foreign language.
  3. by   OBrienMP
    I got a straight rejection email. It didn't say why...just that 'due to the competitive nature of the program they could not offer me a spot in the program'. They made it very clear that they won't be taking calls or emails regarding why you got rejected and to check statistics when they post them in April. Hm. I thought for sure I would at least make it to the proctored essay.
  4. by   tmofarrel
    I got an invitation!

    I'm new to this forum and after going back through the threads I wanted to let OBrienMP know that our academic history is very similar. I'm 33 and had several horrible years of college in my early days and of course I had to retake everything in the last two years. Granted the classes were taken over 10 years ago but I was certainly dreading I would be haunted by it.
  5. by   brownmichellen
    @altron2000 I had zero volunteer hours but work in a hospital doing patient care so had 1200 hours of healthcare experience. Definitely think that helps. I've heard they like a high grade in micro bio. Not sure if that helps
  6. by   Brightbulb
    I had like 35 hour of volunteer and 500 hours as CNA and about 1500 hours as medical record manager. this was my second applying. First time I didn't make it to the essay. Also this will be my second degree. My cumulative GPA is 3.1.
  7. by   tedkim
    I am sorry to hear about your results OBrienMP...

    My clinical experience hours are only 600 hrs...and several community services such as flu vaccination drive..

    @altron2000, I never took a foreign language was it one of our required courses??
  8. by   tedkim
    I applied to SU also..!
    Wish you the best!!
  9. by   abalone
    This is what i wrote about our group of applicants last year (2012)
    I thought said 280 students in the auditorium and 30 off-site, so that sounds about right. With 96 seats our chances are about 1:3. Yeah! That is much better than the initial 20% chance (1:5) based on the original 475 applicants.
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  10. by   tedkim
    Quote from abalone
    This is what i wrote about our group of applicants last year (2012)
    Seems like about 300 students make it to the first cut each year..

    I wonder how many applicants applied this year hmm
  11. by   mapatingo
    Quote from tedkim

    Seems like about 300 students make it to the first cut each year..

    I wonder how many applicants applied this year hmm
    Hi everyone, am also new to this place. Also had an invite from UW. Wish you all good luck this coming Wednesday. Hope we all on this forum make it through.
  12. by   jujurai

    I received an invite as well. My information goes as following:

    Natural Science GPA: 3.96
    Cumulative GPA: 3.9X
    Med Experience Hours: 500 volunteer (200 hospital, 300 various private practice)/0 paid

    A friend of mine had similar GPA and quite a bit of paid experience in a hospital setting and did not get an invite..

    I wish the best for all those who are continuing onto the proctor essay. For the rest, I hope that you get into a similar program this year or get into UW next!
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  13. by   Just_keep_swimming
    Hi all! I am a 2013 applicant as well and recieved the proctored essay invite, anyone know what types of questions they ask? I'm new to this whole nursing forum website. Also, I am a military commissioning program applicant (active duty Air Force) is there anyone else that may have applied this year doing this too? I saw last year they had around 300 for the proctored essay, did they say how many slots they were competing for? Excited for Wednesday...and super nervous, I'll see you all there!