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Anyone applying to the UW SoN for fall 2013? Anyone else FREAKING OUT about it like I am?... Read More

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    You might be given a triage situation, they have had those in the past. BUT, when you answer DON'T get hung up on the "right" answer, they know you are not an RN yet! In that situation, they would really be looking to see what your thought process was, why you would triage in that order, and then look to see that you supported your choice with sound reasoning. Always think: are they acute? (MI, severe trauma, otherwise immediately life-threatening), ABCs (airway, breathing, circulation) and then patient safety! But, last year both the ABSN and BSN essay questions were patient A, B, & C, what one would you choose and why.

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    I applied to UW, SPU and SU. I will also be applying to Shoreline by April 4th, if I haven't heard anything or was not accepted, and Everett by June. I was happy to see we will know by Feb 8 if we get invited to the proctored essay. I am nervous about misspelling words. I rely on spell check WAY too much.
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    The proctored essay questions are not very technical, they are aware that you are not yet nurses. They basically want to see how you think and reason. Don't get too hung up on the technical aspects, from doing it last year and what I can remember they want to get a sense of you and how you are able to articulate your reasoning and rationale and to get a picture of your approach to patient care. I chose an option/situation that I wasn't very familiar with and stated so in my essay. The math is pretty easy, don't get too caught up with it, they are just simple multiplying/division. Good luck, and again it's going to be a wild, crazy, stressful ride but well worth it!
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    So, I'm pretty sure this is going to be a long week anxiously awaiting an email. Anybody know if they send out the emails throughout the week, or just on Friday?
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    Quote from HopefulMagnolia
    So, I'm pretty sure this is going to be a long week anxiously awaiting an email. Anybody know if they send out the emails throughout the week, or just on Friday?

    "You will receive an email notifying you if you will need to write the proctored essay by 5:00pm PST on February 8, 2013."

    One day down, four more to go!

    If we don't get an invitation to the proctored essay, do you think it's basically a rejection to their SoN?
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    I believe so. I think that the proctored essay is used to help dwindle the applicants down.
    Waiting is the worst, but I also applied to SPU and have higher chances of getting in there.

    Soon we shall know.
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    Hi everyone! How's everyone doing this week. My stress levels are at it's highest. I am very excited but at the same time very nervous about this coming Friday. Does anyone else feels the same?AnnA19AV
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    Sadly I think it does pretty much mean you're rejected :/Best of luck you guys!!
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    Last year they pulled a shocker on us.... It was a DAY EARLY

    Let the Cortisol levels spike....
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    I know I can't wait!!!

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