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Anyone applying to the UW SoN for fall 2013? Anyone else FREAKING OUT about it like I am?... Read More

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    I believe so. I think that the proctored essay is used to help dwindle the applicants down.
    Waiting is the worst, but I also applied to SPU and have higher chances of getting in there.

    Soon we shall know.
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    Hi everyone! How's everyone doing this week. My stress levels are at it's highest. I am very excited but at the same time very nervous about this coming Friday. Does anyone else feels the same?AnnA19AV
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    Sadly I think it does pretty much mean you're rejected :/Best of luck you guys!!
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    Last year they pulled a shocker on us.... It was a DAY EARLY

    Let the Cortisol levels spike....
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    I know I can't wait!!!
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    I think I'm more nervous about the clock hitting 5:01 PM and not receiving an email invitation lol
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    I'm like just nervous all around.
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    I'm trying not to think about it...But tomorrow and today are going to be pretty obnoxious. I applied to WSU and SU as well.
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    Thankfully my days are pretty crazy with school and kids so I haven't been dwelling on what Friday @ 5 will bring, otherwise I'd probably need a tranquilizer by now!
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    I'm freaking nervous now! It's hard to not think about this Friday... I have hope, then no hope, then hope again...
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    Hi everyone,
    I was wondering if anyone knows students that have gotten into the UW SoN with language barrier? I moved to US about 7 years ago and English language has been my number one problem since day one, even though i improved I am still very concerned about this being a disadvantage.

    Any advice? can anyone relate to me, or most people that apply have English as their first language?

    a little scared to write the proctored essay if i get the invite
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    @AnnA19AV don't worry you are not alone. English is my second language too and it always been problem for me. I m so nervous i dn't even want to think about proctored essay.

    Can't wait until tomorrow to see if I get invited or not!!
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    It's getting close and I'm like MADE YOU LOOK!!