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  1. by   Pahoa
    Can we register for classes yet?
  2. by   abalone
    FYI: books fo fall quarter cost nearly $1,000 but they will be used for the entire first year.
    Also, it looks (for now) like NCLIN 306 will be using Taylor S Clinical Nursing Skills 3 E10 978-1582557359 (instead of Clinical Nursing Skills)
    Finally, I would buy the physical copy of Jarvis (physical Assessment), as you'll want to bring it to lab.
  3. by   JLoya
    So I made last the FB group for mine and abalone's cohort. I had nothing but time when I saw the clinical placement list and I took the link in the body of an email message and typed each name in the "to" box until the name popped up. I wasn't aware of the listserv at the time. You could send the link through the listserv, but I would wait until the end of July to do so, because we are a part of the 1st year listserv still.
  4. by   JLoya
    Also, limit it to one maybe two admins only. Abalone and I are the only admins on our site.

    Additionally, I made separate "groups" with my clinical partners and we shared our written up meds to cut down on the hours of care plans that you will be writing. Plan on your first care plan to take 4-5 hours because you really are uncomfortable with them. I was very versed in writing them and by the end of the first quarter i was still taking 2-3 hours to write them. It REALLY depends on your professor.

    Also, I participated in the Q&A session and the tours for the summer orientation. I will also be in the Fall program orientation, one piece of advice is if you have specific questions, write them down and bring them with you. We will have about 45 minutes of time to do a Q&A session with no admins or anyone around. We are frank and brutally honest about what to expect.

    Also, take advantage of the mentee/mentor program. Alot of us still have our quizzes and notes that we found helpful to get us through the first two quarters especially.
  5. by   YoungIdealist
    Thanks for posting the books! I'm going to wait a bit to get them though because I know that last year the summer and fall starts used different health assessment books.

    Jloya, I saw you at the orientation and it was great to put a face to your name! I really wanted to chat with you at lunch but I think you left I'm looking forward to meeting you and everyone else at the picnic!
  6. by   oanarn2015
    what picnic are you talking about ?Is it only for the students starting the summer quarter?thanks
  7. by   abalone
    I was also at the summer orientation/Q&A and I hope summer classes go well for those taking them! The picnic is for all nursing students (BSN1, BSN2, and ABSN) and will be held sometime in September as a welcome to UW SoN. Don't worry, they will send you more information about it later. And yes, last year the assessment text was different in the fall, so it is wise not to buy yet (although I would be willing to bet that it will also be Jarvis as it's a solid assessment textbook).
  8. by   YoungIdealist
    Wow Abalone, I didn't realize you were part of the panel, too! I have no idea which one was you, but you were all helpful so thanks
  9. by   TheNursingStudent
    Did you guys receive the HIPAA training email yet, list of books, or the go sign for registration for Fall quarter?
  10. by   oanarn2015
    haven't and my account with the uw compliance items has not been updated although I sent those items in almost immediately after I was accepted .I know they got them though.Anh said that she needs my patience in regards to this issue.I think this is what is happening to you too.
  11. by   TheNursingStudent
    I see, yea Anh mentioned the same to me.

    Btw, can you guys help me with these other questions:

    1. When registering for classes, one can generally choose his/her own time schedule, right? It's my first time and it's quite confusing. For example, I'm trying to register for NCLIN 302 (Health Assessment), and the Time Schedule shows all these different times, enrollment limitations (10 or 72 students), or other messages (i.e. Ineligible for tuition exemption, To be arranged). Do I just pick one or is there a specific one that is meant for me?

    2. Are these all the classes for Fall quarter 2013?
    NCLIN 302 - Practicum: Health Assessment
    NCLIN 306 - Practicum: Basic Skills of Nursing Practice
    NURS 301 - Clinical Applications of Anatomy and Physiology
    NURS 304 - Human Responses I
    NURS 309 - Pharmacotherapeutics in Nursing Practice I

    3. Does the Office of Student Financial Aid determine the aid offer only after the student's registration, when the tuition is in place?
  12. by   abalone
  13. by   abalone
    You will register for ONLY NURS 301, NURS 304, NURS 309:

    NURS 301 - 18194 ... (this is the lecture)
    and EITHER
    18195 OR 18195... (this is the LAB (cadaver))

    NURS 304 - 18198 ... (this is pathophysiology)

    NURS 309 - 18200 … (this is pharmacology)


    For the duration of the BSN program, you will be registered for you clinical courses by the SoN.

    NCLIN 302 - (this is physical assessment, you learn how to assess your patient) JUST WAIT (they will register you for this, you won’t need to do anything)

    NCLIN 306 - (this is your lab and hospital-based Med-Surg clinical)JUST WAIT (they will register you for this, you won’t need to do anything)