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Anyone applying to the UW SoN for fall 2013? Anyone else FREAKING OUT about it like I am?... Read More

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    Good luck and congrats to all who have made it to the essay, it is no easy feat. Remember to follow the instructions and be clear in your essay. Don't spend a lot of time on the math questions they are fairly easy med calculations, so easy that you will be tempted to keep checking it because you'll think it can't possibly be that easy. That time will run out before you know it. In the current cohort I am in (with JLoya and Armynurse) we are all so very different, with different experiences and backgrounds you really don't know what they are looking for so you can't really compare yourself with what other people have done. There are those with no patient care experience and those whose grades weren't "the best" coming in. It is really a whole package thing, so now that you've come this far kick ass on that essay!
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    I am sorry about your rejection,I know how it feels to have a low GPA in the past and have it follow you. I read that you applied to WSU,which is the number one school I would like to get into,but they only base there admission off of GPA which is kind of unfair,but I have not given up and neither should you. Hopefully I get accepted this time,but I am also applying to other schools,I just want to start my nursing career
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    Thank you for the info! It's so stressful & nerve racking not knowing if you're going to be "good enough"!
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    Seems like most everybody that got called in to do the proctor had some sort of exposure to a hospital and also had separate unpaid volunteer work. I have a 3.7 in the Natural Sciences and minimum volunteer work (Virtually none) with 1200 hours as a cna but 800 of that was 5 years ago and I just failed Spanish and I retook micro 2.2 to 3.2 and I got a DUI in 2009 so maybe all that was the reason I didn't get invited to the proctor.

    I'm taking ochem now which I'll get a 3.8 in, and plan on volunteering at a hospital and working at one as well. So I'm hoping that will increase my chances for next year. Any other suggestions or am I screwed?
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    I could only get a little over the minimum for healthcare experience, my cumulative was 3.3, science was 3.8, I know that each part of the app is worth 20%, do you know for sure that your recommendation letter was a good? How would they know about your DUI?
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    It was a good recommendation letter from the charge nurse. I disclosed the DUI because in the application I agreed to a background check and didn't want to risk it popping up and disqualifying me for not disclosing it.
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    From what I've read on here, current students have said they're very into community service/volunteering? I'm so sorry :/ do you have any other schools you're trying for?
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    And my volunteering was in an outpatient clinical setting, so I don't think it has to be a hospital, if that helps?
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    Hello All:
    I've seen a few posts where people who weren't invited to the proctored essay section are wondering what it is that they "did wrong" or questioning why they weren't selected.
    I just wanted to say that everyone on this board applied with the same goal - to become a nurse. That goal hasn't changed for anyone. Getting into nursing school is incredibly competitive, and I just wanted to share the thought that if you didn't get asked to continue with the UW, there are probably opportunities out there that may be a great fit for you. Please don't dwell on the thoughts of why you didn't get invited; instead concentrate on moving forward, looking towards other programs, and know that your call to nursing is still real and important!
    Best of luck to all of you.
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    I will be doing an 'out-of-area' proctored essay next week.

    Is there any difference from regular proctored essay? Or any tips?

    I'm just so anxious about the proctored essay now...
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    My sciences GPA is 3.7. Overall 3.86. I had just over the minimum of hours at 150 as I just started my first CNA position at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in November -phew! I also have over 500 mental health volunteer hours as the facilitator for a pregnancy loss group (I lost my first child full term). I am very excited to be invited to the proctored essay but I know it's so competitive that I likely won't make it in. Applied to SU and SPU as well. Just hoping I get in somewhere!
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    I got the invitation! Now I'm REALLY nervous. It took me soooo long to write the application essays, I can't imagine doing a good job in an hour. Hopefully the prompts they give us will be something I have an opinion on (and can articulate that opinion well, which I don't think is my strong point, but I guess we'll see...) Also, I'm not too worried about spelling and grammar, but am a bit worried about legible handwriting!
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    ObrienMP, I'm really sorry you didn't get in, I thought you would, and was hoping you would. I don't remember your background for sure, but I think it is similar to mine? I have a 3 year-old as well, about 3.6 GPA, just over 100 hours of volunteer work (in a SNF), no hospital experience, but a lot of experience as a medical asst. Just a thought, and I may be way off base, but did you mention having a 3 year-old in your application essays? I considered it, as I think my grades are not that impressive without a distraction called a 3 year-old, but ultimately I did not mention her, simply because I couldn't figure out a way to work it into the essay and still cover all the other questions they asked.