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I'm surprised that this year I haven't seen any threads about people applying to UW's program. What's going on? Where are all the 2012 hopefuls? Reveal yourselves ;) Good luck to everyone!... Read More

  1. by   JLoya
    Now the waiting games begin here...... 2 weeks....
  2. by   abalone
    It's closer to 3 weeks, isn't it? Man! The wait time has been passing sooo slowly. I only applied to UW's ABSN, BSN and WSU but I've been reading about SU and other local schools which have just released their admission offers. I'm so envious, the wait is just killing me. Every time I think of the mail, UW comes to mind. Just a few more days! Keep you heads up!!!!
  3. by   Pleasant P
    HAHA... you will not have to wait much longer! According to the other threads, UW has sent out their admissions for the last several years around April 1st. It appears that they send out the admissions to their graduate programs by the 15th too, so I guess it just depends on which program you are in! The BSN should be coming up in a few days! It will be nerve racking, but the odds aren't too bad considering it's only out of 260 instead of the 700+ from SU and other places! If anyone gets a letter, please do let the rest of us know so we can start bracing LOL...
  4. by   abalone
    OMG, looks like you're right! Looks like 2011 applicants started receiving them on April 1 and 2010's got them around the 5th! I REALLY hope they follow a similar pattern this year!! If so, it seems likely they will start sending out the letters next week!!!! Let's hope so!!!!
  5. by   JLoya
    Damn you guys... hahaha Just as my insomnia was temporarily relieved after my rejection to SU, now you have caused another reason for it to come right back.... ARRRRGGGHHH!!!!! hahaha
  6. by   Pleasant P
    Yes, round two JLoya! LOL... Don't even lose sleep over the rejection at SU. Just from what I have read about your gpa and experience, UW will glady accept you and it will be SU lost. I think you should feel pretty good about your chances! Same with you Abalone, Next week this time we will be celebrating .... (I'm so optimistic, best future nurse ever LOL)
  7. by   JLoya
    I had the best night sleep after the rejection to SU, it was the anticipation that was jacking me up...

    Hell Yeah to the best nurses ever, once we are all accepted then it is celebration time...
  8. by   SushiOConnor
    I applied to the UW nursing program, drove up from Vanc. USA on Feb 15th and am now waiting to hear anything! I am well known to be one of the most patient people among many of my friends but... AAAAAHHHHHHAHA!!! Reading all the posts here just gets me very excited and anxious and nervous and... anyways. Glad to have others to vent/express to, thanks for this forum! So what I'm hearing is transfers don't hear till June/July but you get notification for acceptance into UW earlier. I applied to 4 other programs in the Vancouver/Portland area (PCC, MHCC, CCC, and Clark) all ADN programs but three in the OCNE program (3rd year at OHSU for a BSN). I thought I would hear, and be able to start making plans, by mid-April because that's when the other programs typically let you know if you've been selected for their essays. I my pre-req. GPA is 4.0 (A&P123, Micro, Nutrition, Human Dev., genetics) but my GPA from undergrad degree is below 3! I work full time as a CNA and started volunteering last summer at health screenings for underserved (I really loved that) and more recently on a gen-surg floor at OHSU. I was really happy to get invited for the essay but writing (handwriting! and composing by hand) is by far my weakest skill. I was confident in my calculations (I LIKE math!) but I'm always concerned about the legibility of my handwriting (literally looks like a 6th grader). Anyways, UW is my first choice because it would be 2 years to get BSN, but I just want to start my second career so I'll take the NCLEX and get work'n ASAP so I would still be really happy to get into the ADN programs too! OK, gotta GO!
  9. by   JLoya
    Hello sushi...

    The UW SoN will be notifying us between now and mid-april for acceptance into the SoN program. The general acceptance to the UW for transfer students doesnt happen until mid-June to July.

    Good Luck
  10. by   kasko
    I just came back from my vacation and received my rejection letter form Seattle Pacific This is now making me even more nervous because if I didn't make it in to SPU's program, will UW take me? Ahhhh.....!! I just don't know what to think now... I have an interview at WSU tomorrow. Is anyone going?
  11. by   Pleasant P
    Hi Kasko... so sorry that you did not get into SPU... did you get into SU? I have an interview tomorrow at WSU as well and I am pretty excited! I am surprised you were rejected, because you have the grades and the experience... maybe it's your age! Make sure to show that you are mature and can handle the rigors of the nursing program during your interview tomorrow! I am wishing you luck!
  12. by   kasko
    Pleasant P, Thank you for the encouragement! Yes I got into SU but its sooooo expensive! my interview is at 11, when is yours?
  13. by   YoungIdealist
    I got my letter today. I didn't get in