University of Washington BSN Fall 2012 - page 2

I'm surprised that this year I haven't seen any threads about people applying to UW's program. What's going on? Where are all the 2012 hopefuls? Reveal yourselves ;) Good luck to everyone!... Read More

  1. by   YoungIdealist
    Kasko, in my essay I talked about my experience as a CHW. I included the hours in my resume. If you're a CNA , I don't see a need to include those clinical hours. I included them because I wanted them to see that I'm not afraid of doing the "dirty work" since I don't do any of that in my current job.

    As far as the e-mails go, I don't think we're getting them until tomorrow afternoon (or maybe even later).
  2. by   abalone
    I know we won't get emails until to tomorrow, but I'm not ashamed to admit I've already checked my in-box several times today!
  3. by   armynurse68
    I might turn off my email notifications on my phone because every little vibrate will probably send my hopes up! Good luck everyone!
  4. by   YoungIdealist
    So.... nervous...
  5. by   armynurse68
    I got my EMT and LPN license through the military. I did a variety of things while serving and I've spent the last few years working on an inpatient post surgical floor. I have volunteered in a few different areas but they don't stand out as much as my service and work experience.
  6. by   armynurse68
    Anyone get an email??
  7. by   fn2012
    No email yet, I called and they said they should go out by 5pm now. They are behind.
  8. by   armynurse68
    Thanks for checking! I got an email back from the admissions director a few weeks ago that said decisions will go out either Friday or Monday. So don't give up hope if we don't get an email today, there might still be a chance!
  9. by   22kelsey22
    Just got an email invitation to the proctored essay! Hope you all get invites too! See you there!
  10. by   armynurse68
    I just got my email!!! I hope to see everyone there!
  11. by   YoungIdealist
    I got my email too! Yay for us! Do any of you have an idea of what we've should expect? An hour isn't much...
  12. by   malprl
    Hey everyone! First time posting on this site. I just got my email invite to write the proctored essay. Does anyone know what percentage of applicants make it to the proctored essay and how many of them are then accepted to the program? I swear I remember seeing some statistics about this somewhere on the internet, but I can't seem to find them now. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, as it seems from going through these threads from past years that a lot of people are invited to write the essay :-/
  13. by   armynurse68
    I'm trying not to get my hopes up as well. I think those who are invited to the essay are individuals with complete packets and meet the criteria for the school. However, it's still an accomplishment and it narrows the applicant pool down. As far as the essay goes, I think it will be a critical thinking type question with a few simple med calculations.