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Hi... I was just accepted into the TCC Nursing Program. Does anyone out there have any advice or information to offer? I'd appreciate hearing about the program, instructors, clinicals, etc. Thanks! ... Read More

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    Thanks you touchofgray, I am excited. I was pretty surprised though because they had reserved/held over 10 seats for returning students, so there were only 14 left to give away for fall. Orientation is on the 7th. I am currently trying to obtain and complete all of the necessary pre-orientation requirements. I was worried about childcare but I think that what I have lined up will work just fine and if I need more flexibility later I will figure it out then.

    You are close to being finished the program. Do you feel you will be well prepared as an RN once you are done?


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    I was also accepted to TCC RN program fall2012.
    Im very excited to start!!!! Cant wait till orientation on sep 7, so I can plan the day care and school. I have two munchkins to take care of!!!
    Is there anyone that selling good books, or book we required, please let me know!!!


    Hooray for future RNs!!!
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    Im in! I hope to see you at orientation on sep 7

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    Hello, I also got in for fall quarter 2012. Did you receive the 3rd part of the email yet?

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