Swedish Residency May 2013

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    Hey fellow RNs. I just wanted to start a new topic on Swedish Medical Center's May 2013 Residency cohort. I've read through the Jan 2013 thread, and just wanted to see if anyone here wanted to share their experiences for this cohort.

    As for me, I interviewed with the manager for the tele departments last friday. I was told to expect a call if i was chosen to come back in for a panel interview with the staff members, but unfortunately I did not get a call so I assumed that I wasn't chosen to move forward. I finally got a call back today to confirm that I was not chosen, but there might still be openings in other departments. So I asked what other units might have openings, and after being given a list, I let the recruiting coordinator know that Im interested in ortho. So I was told that my resume will be passed on to that manager and to possibly expect another call for another opportunity to interview.

    This is my first time applying for this program, and unfortunately, I missed the most recent meet and greet event because i was unaware of it.

    Feel free to share your experiences! Good luck to everyone!

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    Hi Wannabemurse- I was wondering how/when you applied for the Swedish Residency? When did you see the listing on their website? Was it up for multiple days? Just trying to get as much information for the next start at Swedish as possible. Thank you and good luck!
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    I was actually lucky with timing. I just so happened to send an email to a link I found on their website, and I asked about application/recruitment dates. The very next day, I received an email saying that the opening was now (at that time) online, and will be open for a week. I think the next cohort will be in September, with a meet and greet event on May 3rd. Not sure about application dates though.
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    The website says application process starts in May, but no specific dates.

    Information for the meet and greet is as follows:

    Please join us at this event on Friday, May 3rd at 1:30 - 4:00 pm. at Swedish Medical Center, Cherry Hill campus in the Auditorium below the cafeteria, 500 17th Ave., Seattle, WA 98124 (please google below for map). Parking is available on the street or in the SMC parking garage on 16th Ave. at standard rate.

    You have to register for the event
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    Go to the meet and greet! It's the best way to meet the recruiter who will be the first to look at your application and recommend you to managers. Also you meet many managers from different floors, which is a great way to make connections. Most people who get hired at Swedish have an "in" by either doing an externship or previously meeting with a manager. Good luck!
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    Hey wannabemurse, have you heard back about an ortho interview yet?
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    MiniBSNRN no i haven't heard back.
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    I had a phone interview with the recruiter... She told me they would get back to me in "a couple days"... Haven't heard anything in over a week. Not a good sign. Sounds like they started doing the in-person interviews... Can anyone confirm?
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    Depends on the unit. Some finished interviews before this week already. And some are finishing this week. I don't know many specifics though.
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    I am currently finishing up my nursing program in another state, but have all intentions of moving back to Seattle as soon as possible. I have finals the week of the meet and greet this coming May, and physically cannot make it. How much do you think it will impact my chances? I know people have said the meet and greet is very important for making initial connections with Swedish. Does anyone have nurse recruiters or managers emails they think I should get in contact with? Or think that would even be useful?

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