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  1. I'm taking my pre-reqs at SPSCC and I keep hearing rumors about the programs. I've heard from a couple different places that the school is losing their accreditation. I called the program office, however, and the woman I spoke with assured me this was not the case.

    I hear all sorts of things from the program being very competitive to get into to being "not very good" at all. I just found the post with all NCLEX pass rates and was pleasantly surprised by the hard data since I had heard bad things about that too.

    What gives? Is it normal for a program to have so much drama associated with it?
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  3. by   missnurse01
    I haven't worked with any nurses that have graduated from there. I have worked from new grads from a lot of area schools and haven't heard anyone speak ill of other programs. I would go to the board of nursing website to look at their accreditation and pass rates. You could always call the board and ask them if there are any issues with the school.

    good luck
  4. by   Nursing365
    I am currently in the program. Finishing up my first year and heading into the second. There is certainly a lot of rumors floating around, but no, the program has not lost their accreditation. They have gone through some rough years over the past few years and they did get put on a "probationary" status, but that was so they would address a few areas in the program. This past year (my year) has been very different and in almost every way, it has been great! The next couple of years will actually be even better for incoming students, because the students have been working alongside the staff to keep making the program better and better.
  5. by   tokmom
    Where is SPSCC?

    OP, I hear bad things about Renton Vo-tech (RN program) ie..accreditation etc.. I don't think a school can teach if they don't have it.
  6. by   anichka
    tokmom, SPSCC is in Olympia.

    Thanks RizzoNurse, that's all great news. I will end up applying to several programs, but SPSCC is the closest to me, and I am having a good experience with the college so far, so I hope it works out that I get in here.
  7. by   Niners
    The rumors are not just rumors. Its a horrid program. First year of the program is fine. Second year is a complete nightmare. Call the school again. They just lost their accreditation. *surprise surprise* There are plenty of more together programs in the area that do not have all the drama and problems that spscc nursing program has. And no, its not normal for a program to have so much drama. Spscc Nursing Program created that mess. Be glad you don't have to be a part of it. Best of luck to you!
  8. by   Tigerp
    I got the letter plus the refund check(application fee) from SPSCC about a week ago. It was a big surprise!!! On the letter, it said they don't admit any students in the program this Fall 2003. It didn't say why. I did email the lady that doing application process last week asking about what's going on, but I haven't heard from her yet.
  9. by   anichka
    This is crazy! I only just saw the webpage today about the accreditation, then came back here and found this post.

    Very bad news. Where is everyone going to go? Centralia? Tacoma?
  10. by   Tigerp
    Yes, both
  11. by   anichka
    I know it may sound strange, but in some small way I am relieved. I've heard so many mixed things since I moved here (1.5 years ago) and now that the program is undergoing review, I know what's going on. It was so hard to get a straight answer from the administration before this.

    But this sucks for planning! I don't really want to have to drive a ways to get to school (we are a one-car family, so that will be hard on us), but if I can get into a good program, it will be worth it.
  12. by   Tigerp
    Anichka, did you apply other colleges too?
  13. by   anichka
    No, I am not ready yet. I am still doing pre-reqs at SPSCC. I will be applying for fall 2014 admission at several places.
  14. by   Nursing365
    Well the decision about the national accreditation isn't being made until mid-July, but it looks like it may be lost. They are still state-approved, so the students would still be in the same position as those coming out of Centralia, Clover Park, etc... because those schools have also not undergone the optional state accreditation. There are still some great teachers and staff at the school and their hope is that they can use the year or two off to revamp the program and make it a lot better.