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I am from a small farming town outside of Spokane Washington but I live in Colorado now and I was talking to a friend of mine that is also from Spokane(lives in Denver) and she mentioned that SCC... Read More

  1. by   Arisha
    Does anybody know the easiest way to get a CPR card here on campus or in Spokane if getting it on campus isn't possible?
  2. by   BarnOwl

    Thanks for letting us know that the list had moved a little. I'm now one step closer to getting in. Anticipating starting Spring 2011. Maybe we will start together?

  3. by   Student Mike

    Here is some info on the CPR class that the nursing club is providing:

    For those of you interested in a CPR renewal class, the signup for the class will be Monday, July 26th from 1100-2:00 in front of the display cases in building 9. Bring $16.00 in cash to signup for the class. You will receive a book and a handout to review and bring with you to the class. The class is Monday, August 2nd either from 1-2:30 or 3:00-4:30 at SCC room 122. You will receive a Health Care Provider card by the end of the quarter and a copy of the card will be placed in your clinical file. If you don't return the book, you won't receive a card so remember to bring the book with you to the renewal class. If you have any questions speak with myself or Colleen Perkins, the Nursing Club president.


    I hope this is helpful.


    Si Vis Pacem, Parabellum
  4. by   Arisha
    Student Mike,

    Thanks for the info.
  5. by   theniknik
    does anyone know if there is a SCC student forum that also has this kinda of information about the nursing program and waitlists and such?
  6. by   Arisha
    Last qaurter I heard a rumor that they let students who are close on the waitlist, sit in on classes just incase someone's can't make the grades or has absences that prevent them from continueing the program.

    has anyone heard anything about this?
  7. by   BarnOwl
    I haven't heard of this before. I was told that they will take people from the waitlist only until the first day of class. Seems like it would make sense though for at least a couple from the waitlist to be allowed to sit in at least for the first week. I'm sure there are those who drop soon after start. What number are you now?
  8. by   dallet6
    I never heard of this and I've never seen anyone in class who wasn't in the program. As far as absences and grades go, by the time they knew if someone flunked for that the quarter would be half over at least. We only lost 2 that I know of first quarter and there fate wasn't decided until the last day of the class. If we lose any this quarter I believe that won't be found out till the end when grades come in as well.
  9. by   BarnOwl
    Hi Dallet. I was wondering if you were still working as an NAC while going to school? I'm considering getting my NAC while I wait to get accepted but am not sure if I is reasonable to think that I can work and go to school.
  10. by   dallet6
    No, I don't work. School and taking care of 3 kids and a house are enough for me. Some people work in the program, but not a whole lot work, have young kids and go to school.
  11. by   BarnOwl
    That's kind of what I thought. I have 4 kids and I don't want to have take on more than necessary. Do you feel that it is important though to get your foot in the door before you graduate by working somewhere?
  12. by   theniknik
    hello ceciliadixon,

    here are some places I found that offered the CNA program I was looking for a good one for a while! from what I have found its around 750$ +exam fees.

    This one has morning and evening classes

    Riverview Lutheran Care Center CNA Training Course - Spokane
    East 1841 Upriver Drive, Spokane, WA 99207
    Phone: (509) 489-4466

    SCC only has morning classes
    Spokane Community College CNA Training Program - Spokane Campus
    1810 North Greene Street, Spokane, Washington 99217
    Phone: (509) 533-8151

    To everyone else:

    I have heard that SCC has lost its nursing accreditations. Can anyone tell me more about this? I heard this from my aunt who is a nurse in spokane and one of her friends was going to do the nursing program but is now thinking not to.

  13. by   theniknik
    I called SCC yesterday and asked them about what it is they lost, since my aunt didnt know, and the lady told me if you get your degree there you wouldnt be able to work in a Federal or a VA hospital. but she also told me that the school was trying to get it back. Does anyone know why the school would loose this?