Seattle University BSN (transfer) Fall 2013

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    I didn't see any thread for Seattle U BSN transfer program fall 2013. Lets see if anybody else applied other than me lol..

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    I applied! The waiting is killing me.
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    I applied too! It looks like we won't find out till early april. Did you guys apply to any other schools?
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    I m hoping that thy will send out decision by march since deadline was earlier this year. 2 my co-workers are in Seattle U BSN program, they said its really good program.
    I am also applying to UW and Renton tech college. Their deadline is next Tuesday.
    How abut u guys..did u apply any where else.
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    I'm applying to UW and SPU too. I don't know whether I'm more nervous about being rejected or accepted!
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    Yep, I applied! Also applied to UW, Seattle U, and Northwest U. I'm trying to finish up my UW essay right now as we speak! If I don't get into any of those, I will start on the community college apps. @amsli-renee I totally get what you are saying. I will be excited but very nervous if I get accepted into a BSN program. So much work, and I have a 3 year old. But we'll make it work.
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    I applied to Seattle U. and am anxiously waiting to find out if I got in...hoping we don't have to wait till April!! I also applied to UW ABSN program and am on their wait-list for summer start. If I don't get into those programs I will apply to the local community colleges. Just want to start my nursing career!!! If anyone hears anything let us know!!
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    I applied! No idea whether I'll get in though..I had like 3 prereq's in progress. Stats, everyone?
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    Hey all, I've applied for SU as well as UW bsn program. These next couple of months will be rough and I'm glad I'm not alone! do any of you happen to know that if we do not get accepted into the program, will there ba a seperate acceptance/rejection letter to the school itself?
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    @Irienna it should be same letter.

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