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I didn't see any thread for Seattle U BSN transfer program fall 2013. Lets see if anybody else applied other than me lol..... Read More

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    @suzw, I haven't heard anything about when admission letters are going out, but I have been checking my application status everyday on SU's website. It would make sense for the letters to come out earlier since the deadline was earlier, I hope that's true because this waiting is rough!
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    When I received email about my application confirmation, it said that we should hear back in 6 hopefully
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    Thanks @Brightbulb!!! So that should be this week or maybe next?!?!!? I really hope we all get the big envelope
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    @Irienna this what I received in email once my app was complete

    "Thank you for your application to Seattle University. At this time, your application is complete and we are forwarding it to an admissions counselor for evaluation. A representative from the Undergraduate Admissions team will contact you if, during the evaluation, it is determined additional information is needed for us to make a decision.Please be aware that decision letters are sent by postal mail. For Freshman applicants, early action admissions decisions will be mailed on December 21, 2012 and regular admission decisions will be mailed in early March. For Transfer applicants, decisions are mailed following a departmental evaluation which can take up to 6 weeks.

    I talked to my co-worker who is in Seattle U BSN transfer program. Their deadline was in Jan 10 and they recieved letter on March 20th. She said she will ask the office whn thy will be sending out the letters.

    So I m thinking letter will be out late feb or early march...
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    what are everyone's stats for GPA, volunteer work, language proficiency, etc? I'd like to know what my chances are!
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    GPA 3.6, 15 years healthcare experience. I'm not Catholic though, not sure how important that is to them, but I wasn't about to lie about it. No idea what my chances are.
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    So I just spoke to undergrad admissions and looks like SoN admission letters are coming out late March, early April, also I spoke with the SoN and they said mid March!!!
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    Ugh, I will probably be out of town when they arrive!
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    GPA 3.5, 3 years of healthcare experience...I have a husband and son and I'm Catholic. I'm not sure how much it matters as long as you can pay the bill, ha! But I made sure to squeeze it in my essay just for good measure!
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    3.5GPA, 4.0 so far in prereqs. I have a bachelor degree in a non nursing field and some volunteer experience in a hospital. Unfortunately my prereqs aren't complete. I am taking anatomy and micro this quarter, then the second anatomy next quarter. I will be finished by the end of spring as required, but I'm worried about getting in without these key classes completed. On the bright side, I have been doing great in both classes while continuing to work full time. I'm definitely ready! Good luck everyone.
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    Has anyone heard anything from SU yet?? Last year they had 700 applicants and 70 spots... This waiting game is no fun, but February is just about over and mid-March we'll know!! >_
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    Nothing yet
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    No news is good news! Right??