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I didn't see any thread for Seattle U BSN transfer program fall 2013. Lets see if anybody else applied other than me lol..... Read More

  1. by   propofolsbff
    lisabre--did they say what day they would start and how many waves? I was thinking about calling them tomorrow to ask questions...
  2. by   propofolsbff
    And any of you SPU applicants get a letter yet? They were supposed to go out last week, but i haven't got mine yet. worried it is bad news
  3. by   lubell26
    @csweet no, I haven't received mine either! So disappointing. Maybe they are sending them out in waves too, or the person was
    Mistaken in the earlier post? Who knows, but I mean come on... It has to be any day now!!!
  4. by   propofolsbff
    lubell26-well. i feel better not being the only one! it'd be "funny" if they both came on the same day. it is good to get updates, but man. nerve racking!
  5. by   HopefulMagnolia
    Lubell26 and csweet, I would call SPU tomorrow. I thought I heard that the transfer letters went out last Wednesday. SPU does send a letter to every applicant so you should be getting a letter. Good luck! Waiting is the hardest part.
  6. by   lisabre
    I am not sure how many waves or when they begin. She just said this week in waves. the wait is killing me! I wonder how they are dividing the waves? Alphabetically, student id number, order received, etc. I have no idea but plan on stlking my mailbox this week.
  7. by   Ladybug031302
    Quote from csweet
    And any of you SPU applicants get a letter yet? They were supposed to go out last week, but i haven't got mine yet. worried it is bad news
    No, I haven't either. I called today and was told they've all been mailed out. I reasoned with her that there's no way it would take 4 days to get from Seattle to Seattle. I pressed for a course of action and he just said to call tomorrow if it doesnt come. She said they've had about 20 acceptance responses. I find it hard to believe that when the original letter hasn't even made it to me. I'm betting it's a bad sign.
  8. by   lubell26
    @ladybug031302 glad you brought that up to them. I'm definitely calling tomorrow.. It only takes a day to send mail within Seattle.
  9. by   propofolsbff
    I just checked the SPU dashboard, just to make sure my info/address was correct. It is. It still says complete application under review. no help there. I am trying to decide if I should just wait one more day and call Wednesday, I really don't want to wait, but I am not sure what calling will accomplish.
  10. by   SaraFutureNurse?
    Quote from lisabre
    Well everyone, I called admissions and they said letters are going out this week. We will not al get the the same day though because they are sending them out in waves. Good luck to everyone! The wait is almost over!
    Thank you for the update - I'm anxious to hear, just to know.....
  11. by   propofolsbff
    Well, I did call both SPU and SU today. SPU said all letters had been sent out (which we already knew) but she said it seems like there are people that haven't received theirs yet. I didn't ask anything else. I also got my mail today, and it wasn't in there. I did send them an email explaining everything, and how I need to know so I can drop classes if necessary. Hopefully they will answer it soon.

    For SU I asked specifically if transfer letters are going out soon. She said today. I asked if all of them are going out, and she said yes, all the acceptance letters are going out today. She said the rejection letters are supposed to go out today also, but she wasn't sure if they were going to be a letter or email. This contradicts what lisabre said about letter going out in waves. I am not sure what to think at this point.
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  12. by   SaraFutureNurse?
    Here's to hoping we all get answers this week! Good luck everyone!
  13. by   Can'tTakeTheWait
    Hi Everyone!

    Okay, I'm not an SU, BSN transfer applicant, I'm a BSW transfer applicant, however I've been stalking this forum for a couple of weeks. I'm not sure if y'all have squelched my nerves or set them on end, lol. I can't seem to find anything re: the BSW transfer app. schedule of notifications process out there. Driving me mad crazy!

    Anyone have info for me? I'm an out of stater. Not in the know.

    Like many of you, I clearly don't have the constitution to wait this sort of thing out. I can't concentrate on my school work. I've got the, "No way my old, out of state, transfer self has a chance of getting in" blues.

    I am So happy for those of you who got in to their school of choice so far, and am eager awaiting to hear about how you transfers fared.

    BSN programs are so impacted/competitive. I don't want to hear about those who were disappointed, giving up! Keep applying. Keep improving those grades and resumes. You all seem to be very passionate, dedicated, determined individuals. Keep at it!