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  1. by   avbc830

    My award letter is showing. I know that summer aid is a separate application and I believe it will be available later this month.

    I looked under "My cost of attendance/estimated family contribution" under Financial Information and it gave me the following breakdown:

    Grad Tuition: $12, 864
    Budgeted Room Cost: $7,300
    Budgeted Board Cost: $4,440
    Grad Books/Supplies: $1,128
    Budgeted Personal Expense: $3,004
    Budgeted Transportation Cost: $2,140
    Budgeted Grad Loan Fees: $91
    Total: $30,967

    I hope this helps.
  2. by   avbc830
    I forgot to add that that is for Summer through the following Spring.

  3. by   avbc830
    It should be, considering we take about 53 credits the first year, which at $541 a credit is $28,673. I was going to call the financial aid office about that one.
  4. by   avbc830
    That's what I thought too. We take 53 credits the first full yr and at $541 a credit, that should be $28,673. I was going to call the financial aid office about that...
  5. by   Mike_D
    That was my confusion -- shouldn't this:

    Grad Tuition: $12, 864

    be almost twice that amount?
  6. by   apni2009
    Thanks for posting that, Rebekah! Hopefully my award info will be posted soon.

    I think we need to have the financial aid office manually adjust the tuition amount, since our credit load is a lot higher than standard "full time" graduate enrollment. I read through the financial services website- I think we can request a revision of the financial aid award based on the higher amount of credits per quarter in our program.
  7. by   Harte
    I'm glad to hear that the evening at the Ram went well, I was sorry to have missed it. It seems like there are at least 2 others in Portland in the cohort. I can't remember now who mentioned that they lived in Portland, but if you'd like to get together down here, I'd definitely be up for that! Let me know!

  8. by   Dana-APNI
    In Sabrina's first long message to our group, I think she mentioned something about adjusting cost of attendance, and that the initial calculation won't be correct. I'm pretty sure that's where I saw the reference. In any case, annual tuition for our programs is about $26,000-$28,000 depending on which tract you're in. Then add in all the other expenses and you should see total cost of attendence somewhere north of $40k/year. I'm not sure how they'll adjust for summer aid and all but I was assured by my financial aid counselor (I panicked and called a couple weeks ago) that we can get loans to even cover our expected family contribution, up to the total cost of attendance. I am still waiting for my award, and won't feel comfortable until I have cash in hand, but am hanging onto the hope that my tuition will be covered in full, somehow, even if I'm paying loans back for years. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm also hoping for enough money for mac n cheese and coffee.

    I'm not 100% sure about any of this, but am going off of what I have been told so far. I hope this helps put some of you at ease.
  9. by   ksc2004
    I had to call the Financial Aid Office to ask them to increase my student loans.. YIKES! Anywho, each one us are assigned to a specific Fin Aid Counselor so my advice is to find who you are assigned to and work with that person. My lady's name is "Jaime" and we calculated how much tuition will cost for our first year.. and it's $31,378 .. ($541.00 x 58). If you don't have enough to cover your tuition, just call your Fin Aid Counselor and tell them to increase it to the amount you need, however there is a "max" amount they can give you for each Loan Category (GRAD Plus, Unsubs/Subs Stafford Loans, Perkins... etc). I don't know why, but it was a painless process for me to get that all squared away. If you'd like, here's the number 206-296-2000 and just press the "Financial Services" option. Hope this helped.
  10. by   Mike_D
    All that information is super helpful. I tried to call today but they're closed for Good Friday. When I look at the number of credit hours, it looked like 48 (12/15/16/15), did the 58 credit hours include summer quarter of next year?
  11. by   ksc2004
    Hi Mike, 12 + 15 + 16 + 15 is 58 :-) I made sure... I used the calculator LOL, can't do math in my head.
  12. by   Mike_D
    I'm so embarrassed! oops! :imbar
  13. by   Amy_K

    My name is Amy and I am on the FNP track. Sorry to have missed the first meet-up at the Ram but I am looking forward to the next gathering, it will be nice to know a few friendly faces before starting in June. I also live in Seattle, just a few miles south of Seattle University.

    Has everyone received their financial aid packet in the mail already? Perhaps my mailbox got hungry and ate mine as a snack....

    I look forward to meeting you all soon!


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