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Greetings, I was just wondering if there are any PLU BSN 2013 applicants. I put name if a few hats (UW, SU + ADN/CC programs) and I am sure there are multiple applicants to the PLU programs. Just trying to get a feel from... Read More

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    I GOT IN!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! They took their sweet time but I GOT IN!!! YAY!! I am scheduled to start in the fall... CAN'T WAIT!

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    Hey guys! Just got my acceptance letter a couple days ago. Looks like I will be joining you all in the Fall! I'm excited.... It took them forever but I finally got my letter I look forward to seeing you all soon!
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    Congrats, Sarah and Dubbin! Looks like we will have two Air Force veterans this fall! I wonder if they took military service into consideration when they grouped students into fall or spring . . .
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    Devlia- That sure is what it looks like... its nice though to be around other people with similar experiences. Anyone jumping the gun to get supplies? I'm so tempted to... But god knows if I get white shoes PLU will say I need black or something along those lines...
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    I haven't thought about supplies yet. I wonder if they will notify us by email about what we need. I'm just curious about what I can do to help myself prepare for the courses. I'm going to be reviewing my A&P stuff over the summer, but I'm not sure if I should do anything else . . .

    Also, did anyone get an email about the new compressed BSN program they are rolling out this fall?
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    Delvia- Yup! I'm totally going for it! Graduating a possible 9 months early?? Count me in! Hopefully they give me a slot in that class!
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    Me, too! We should find out by mid-July. I really hope I get in because it would be so nice to get done early!
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    Sad times... the compressed BSN program was canceled... :-(
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    Hey everyone! I met someone in the class above us (she started this past spring term). She said we order uniforms like the second week of classes or something, because they have the school's name on them we need to order them through a specific company. Shoes need to be perfectly white, she told me a couple brands that were acceptable but I forgot what they are (I do remember white Danskos are ok!). They are apparently super particular about uniformity in clinicals, which is why they don't send any info out earlier.

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