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Greetings, I was just wondering if there are any PLU BSN 2013 applicants. I put name if a few hats (UW, SU + ADN/CC programs) and I am sure there are multiple applicants to the PLU programs. Just... Read More

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    WHAT!!! CONGRATS!!! Now my paranoia sets in.... awesome. Do you mind if I ask what your stats were? GPA and such...?

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    How exciting congrats!! Where do you live? No mail for me yet besides their financial aid package.
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    Quote from sarah.b2024
    WHAT!!! CONGRATS!!! Now my paranoia sets in.... awesome. Do you mind if I ask what your stats were? GPA and such...?
    Same here! As the days pass with no letter, I'm freaking out! I wonder how they go about sending out notifications. What determines the order in sending out letters? Do they wait until they have 80 decisions then send out the letters of acceptance?
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    No clue... ugh. I do know that in the past years they have done rolling announcements. People found out within the time span of about 4-6 weeks of each other. Hopefully I'll get a letter this week!
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    Sorry for such a late response people. Im super busy with classes. But yes, my letter says I need to respond my May 10th with my decision. The letter came in a regular white envelope and was quite thick. I thought it was a rejection letter but then realized it wasn't (obviously).

    I am finishing up pre reqs this qtr and have to take chem in the summer. So my letter is contingent upone completion of those classes with atleast a 3.0. My over all GPA is 3.75.

    I wish all of you the best of luck and hope you receive your letters this week Keep me posted!
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    ^^ Sorry for the spelling mistakes. I was in a hurry to post and did not check before I submitted my comment (and cant figure out how to go back and edit).
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    Nothing in the mail yet...
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    No letter here. Here's to hoping that this week something comes in the mail . . .
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    Wooohooo! I just got a call from admissions that I've been offered admission into the nursing program this fall! So excited! I was told I should be getting an official letter in the mail, as well as an email confirmation, soon.

    Has anyone else received notification?
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    Just got an email that I was admitted as well! It says I should get an official letter soon. I am so beyond excited! Congrats to the others who have heard! September is going to come very soon!

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