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Greetings, I was just wondering if there are any PLU BSN 2013 applicants. I put name if a few hats (UW, SU + ADN/CC programs) and I am sure there are multiple applicants to the PLU programs. Just... Read More

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    Nothing in the mail yet...
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    No letter here. Here's to hoping that this week something comes in the mail . . .
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    Wooohooo! I just got a call from admissions that I've been offered admission into the nursing program this fall! So excited! I was told I should be getting an official letter in the mail, as well as an email confirmation, soon.

    Has anyone else received notification?
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    Just got an email that I was admitted as well! It says I should get an official letter soon. I am so beyond excited! Congrats to the others who have heard! September is going to come very soon!
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    Crap. What the heck!? I'm freaking out now!! I got a phone call last night from PLU but I missed it and no one left a message! There is no way to know what department that call came from. When are they calling? Afternoon? Morning? Congrats you two! Mind if I ask what your GPA is?
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    Yay!!! I'm so happy for you all!

    sarah.b Im sure your acceptance is coming, call them to find out if it was the nursing office.
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    MC- I sure hope so!
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    I received a call last night, too, but that was from a PLU student who had no idea I had applied to the nursing program. The call I got came in after 3:30p.m. today and I received an email at about 4:20p.m. The admissions offer is for this coming fall. Maybe they are knocking out the fall admissions first and then are going down the list as people accept or decline before they get started on the spring?

    My cumulative GPA is 4.0

    I hope you hear something soon!
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    My acceptance was for Spring 2014. But on the acceptance letter that I signed and returned, I checked the box that said I was willing to enter in the Fall if there was a space open (and if I am ready).

    I wonder why I didn't get a call and only got a letter? Oh, well.......
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    I guess all I can do is wait. I mean... I have a 3.9 GPA with a 4.0 in the prereqs... my reccommendations were good, essay was good... so I can't imagine why I wouldn't get in... ugh. I wish they would just send out a mass email to everyone who got in at the same time.
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    I got the call this afternoon, but I didn't answer because I didn't know the number. I got the email about an hour after the phone call. I know it is rolling admission, so they are probably just slowly making their decisions and sending out the notifications as they decide.

    I have been so stressed since I read on here the other day that someone else got accepted. So I feel the pain of those who have not heard! This is the only school I planned on applying to, so I am so relieved that I got in.

    Since you asked, I have a 3.9 overall and a 4.0 in the prereqs.
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    With a GPA like that it wouldn't make any sense for you to not get in. At an information session, we were told that the cumulative GPA for admitted students last year was 3.75. I think AnAppleGirl is right and it is just on a rolling basis and they are getting acceptance notifications out as soon as they can.

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you, Sarah!

    AnAppleGirl, will you be starting in the fall?
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    sarah.b, I think devlia is right. You sound like you have pretty solid stats, I'm sure its only a matter of time before you get the call. But I know how nerve wrecking that is.

    Does anyone know about the required religion class? I haven't heard from the school that I would be required to take it, but I have read about it from others on this forum.