'online, or distance' RN-programs accepted by WA-state?

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    (registered only yesterday and spent hours reading here hoping to avoid bothering you with a question already answered before).

    Can someone, please, advise if WA state has rules about *specific* "online or distance"-programs. I have known about 5 LPN's who went this route, but
    lost track of them to know whether such programs are accepted by WA state for an LPN here, to be Tested/Licensed as an RN.

    Thank you, for your time and specific web-sites I can access, answering my question.

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    Hi there,

    My sister-in-law is an LPN and was looked at several online LPN-RN programs last year, so I'm assuming those are fine in WA state. I also know of several universities in Washington that offer distance RN-BSN programs, so I would think a distance LPN-RN program would be acceptable. You might try calling the Dept. of Health and finding out from them if their are any restrictions.
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    Hi Carissa,

    Thank you for your kind response, re *specific* "online or distance"-programs being accepted by WA state for an LPN here, to be Tested/Licensed as an RN."
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    I know of two LPNs going through RUE.
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    Try Washington State Univ. They do have a distance nursing program, but specifics, I don't know.

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