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Hi!;) Anyone starting Olympic College's TADN this winter? I graduated from Clover Park's LPN program last August and am scheduled to start the TADN (Transition to ADN) program at OC winter 2010. Anyone completed this program?... Read More

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    really that sucks so are they not letting people start for the January 2012 start date.This sucks Im going to talk the nursing advisor on June 15 when i take my accuplacer. Im going to apply still as well but hopefully i can get some for sure answer for this coming up January.

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    I just attended the TADN info session at Olympic this morning and wanted to clarify that they ARE indeed admitting students for winter of 2012! It's true that the program has been restructured, and they said they expect to admit around 16 students (35 students applied for the TADN last year and 20 were admitted). Now, students take only a transition course winter course for LPN-RN that is held one day a week, and then they begin full-time nursing coursework in the spring semester. Students take summer quarter as a break and then return to full-time coursework for the next 3 quarters (fall, winter, spring). So, the program is now a 12+ month program. The nursing advisor said they restructured it to allow students who are working while attending school some much needed breathing room because they won't need to take as many credits each quarter now. When asked about the average cumulative GPA admitted, the advisor wouldn't give a specific number, but she did say that it was on the lower end of the GPA point system (included in their app packet). Overall, I like this program a lot and will be applying this week to enter the winter 2012 class! Wish me luck, I think my odds are pretty good.
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    Did you end up getting in? I got my acceptance letter yesterday. (WOOHOO!!!!) Im crazy nervous!!! I did well in all my pre-reqs and I did really good when I went to bates for my LPN 5 years ago so im assuming I will do just fine. But still nervous!
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    Awesome!! I got my acceptance letter yesterday too! Yay!! Looks like we will be classmates! My name is Alana... I'm so excited!
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    Yay!! How exciting!! My name is Jenni.
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    I got my acceptance letter as well...and will be in your class....I went to bates and recently graduated.....
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    I went to Bates as well!! I graduated in 2006. Looking forward to meeting you guys!
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    Do you know how many people got into Olympic TADN? I got placed into the pool. I'm so disappointed. Well good luck!
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    I wish they would have picked me. I graduated from Renton Tech. Well they don't close it untill December. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Maybe a slot will open for me. Congrats on getting in.
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    Im sorry. I really have no idea. I have just heard rumors but usually those are false anyway. I heard from one person 6 and another 16. So honestly, I dont know. I hope you do get in!! We had to respond if we are going to attend by like the 16th or something like that, so hopefully these last few days they were looking at who said no and going down the list. Ill cross my fingers for you!!

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