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New Graduate Needs help finding a job in Seattle - page 2

i just graduated from nursing school in Montana and i would like to work in Seattle. i already put in my paperwork to get a Washington state license. i was wondering if anybody knew if any of the... Read More

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    Hi...I'm having my residency interview this week at Multicare THE med surg oncology. Please can you give me some tips?I'll really appreciate it
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    Hi! I am an RN working in LTC for almost 9mos here in hawaii. I will be moving to seattle washington in june and gonna start looking for a job..Anybody know any LTC/NURSING HOMES jobs that I can start applying for???pls let me know!thank you!

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    EDIT: Just realized this is a really old thread. OP - I'm sure you have a job already.
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    hello I am looking for a job.will be in seattle in june..any tips will be appreciated.thanks

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    rhony_286 are you still looking for ltc job? The place I work is hiring. Let me know if you want a referral .