new BSN RN, help finding first job

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    Hey all. So I graduated from a major university in florida with my BSN. In december. I passed my boards and got my WA state license. I am in oak harbor, wa since my husband is military. I have applied to every hospital in a 2 hr window, problem is without experience I am not getting anywhere. I am even trying nursing homes, but they only want LPNs. I am at a loss as to what else to do. I have a heck of a resume written lots of letters of recommendations, etc. Help please. I am so stressed out. I want to start working so i can get my ARNP in a few years. Thanks

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    Sorry for typos, on my tablet
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    Have you tried dropping off your resume to a real person? I see many nurses hunt down our manager and personally hand them their resume. I have seen it work. Otherwise, just keep trying.

    IMO, I would not tell anyone that you are going to be going back to school. Some hospitals might not hire you because they figure you will be gone in a few years.
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    I have tried to find the nurse managers, but I always get told to go to HR by another staff member,. I will keep trying though. Also, I definitely don't mention going back to school. I am just going to keep applying for everything I can. Do you think more certifications will help? I already have my acls. Would pals, tncc etc. Help? Thanks.
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    I heard Total Care from Craigslist is always hiring and they are willing to take new grads. Problem is they only give you a day of training. Have you tried looking for jobs outside of acute care like clinics, surgery centers? Be open about the possibilities especially being a new grad. You will eventually get your dream job once you get some experience. Try volunteering at a hospital and network with the nurses and nurse managers. I know some people get hired easily just by talking to the workers there.

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