Need help paying for NCLEX refresher course.

  1. Hi! New here and hope someone can help with some answers

    I'm recently divorced and financially strapped. I need to return to work and most of my experience is as an LPN. I haven't worked for several years but still remember a lot of my nursing.
    The NCLEX program looks promising, however, I barely have enough for house payment, elect, know, the basics. There's no way for me to pay for the refresher course, even though it's only about $1000.
    Does anyone know where I might get help paying for this? My credit is trashed now, so no loans.
    Any help is much appreciated. I really need to get back to work and I miss it, too. I was a good nurse. Hope to be again. If I can just get this course paid for,
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  3. by   Mocknbird2
    Thought I should mention, I'm in Olympia, WA, USA. I know a lot of funding depends on location, so.........Just want to get back to work ASAP. But first, how to pay for this refresher course!
  4. by   dallet6
    I'm confused by your question. You have a LPN degree and license? Do you mean you have an RN degree but didn't take the NCLEX and need a refresher class? What do you mean?
  5. by   CCL RN
    That was gonna be my exact question too. I don't get it...?
  6. by   Mocknbird2
    Sorry for the confusion. As I said, it's been awhile since I took my nursing exam. I studied and took my nursing exam in Cincinnati, OH. I thought I remembered the exam being referred to as the NCLEX, but I guess it's referred to as the NCLEX-PN exam.
    I was an LPN> My liscense has expired. I need to take a refresher course for LPNs, so I can take the exam again and go back to work. Just short on money.
    I hope that clarifies what I was trying to say.
  7. by   julyemrn
    If you are already a Licensed LPN, i think you just have to work on your "expired" license ...may be take some CME units and a refresher course. I haven't heard of someone, who already has a license, sitting for another nclex exam just because his/her license has expired.
  8. by   CCL RN
    OP, you only take the exam once.
  9. by   retronovice
    If you do need to study and take the NCLEX exam here, you may want to get a job as a nursing assistant (temporarily)at a place that also hires LPNs. That way you have some money coming in while you work toward updating your license. You should contact the WA DOH to find out exactly what steps to take to become licensed in WA.