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Hi all - I am RN with two years xp, just moved to Seattle. My husband got a job here and it is all very new and different as neither of us have been to the U.S. before! I know I have to pass an exam to be able to do nursing... Read More

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    The few years is just in my case!! well life got in the way, and then I had to make up the deficiency in OB, plus I moved states so I had to begin the whole cgfns process again lol but I would give it a good six months to a year to get everything done from CGFNS through to getting the ATT to take the NCLEX.

    I didn't find a college to do it over here, but i'm sure there's one out there. Most aussies I know go through a uni in australia or Deakin.

    Are you already here in the states?

    I haven't taken the NCLEX yet. I am doing Saunders review. I would say that they do a lot of delegation and prioritisation which I didn't ever do in Uni exams. But each person will find different things challenging. Also memorising pages of normal lab values wasn't something I ever did...

    Hope that helped

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    Hi, no not in the States yet, it looks as though we will be heading over early-mod next year so I don't think I will have time to study before we leave. How long did OB take?

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