LPN to RN Programs?

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    Hello, I will be graduating this spring with an associate's degree in the applied science of practical nursing which will allow me to take the boards to become a LPN. I want to continue my education and receive my BSN. I'm from North Dakota but I want to make a change and I plan on moving to the Washington or Oregon area. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some schools in that area that offer a BSN program for LPN's with an associate's degree. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    I dont know of any that will allow LPN- BSN in western WA. There are a bunch of LPN-RN (1 yr) and RN-BSN(~1 1/2 yr). If you end up here, you may need to go the LPN-RN-BSN route. Good news is that with your associates degree you have probably done all of the pre-reqs for the programs out here already so you can just jump in. Maybe there will be better luck in eastern WA or OR. Good Luck!
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    Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma offers a LPN to BSN option...
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    Thank you both for your help! I suppose the LPN-RN-BSN route wouldn't be that bad. It seems as if it would take the same amount of time, I'd just be hopping from school to school...
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    PLU is also 14,000 per semester... yikes! but i guess it does fit the bill.


    Good luck where ever you go!
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    Yikes! A little out of my price range, but thanks all the same
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    what about programs that are just LPN to RN without a BSN?
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    They are really affordable. Most of the CCs offer LPN-RN at a really affordable rate. I think it is like 3k for the year if you are a state resident.
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    Okay, Thanks!

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