Direct Entry Master of Nursing question

  1. I was wondering if any past graduates of either the PLU or Seattle U graduate programs could chime in on this question (UW student inputs would be welcome too, I am just not really looking at that program as I have an overall negative opinion of UW Seattle).

    Those of you, who have recently graduated from the direct entry master 's degree programs, how have you faired in finding employment in this economy? I have seen so many people on both sides of the fence when it comes to the master's programs for people who have not worked as nurses before.

    Did you find it easy to find work as an RN during the actual master's part of your programs? Did you work as techs during the RN portion? How hard would it be to switch to another state without the actual BSN or ADN degree?

    I ask these questions because I am struggling to determine which route to nursing to take.
    I currently hold both a BA and MA in psychology and don't know if it would be wise to go and get an ADN or a BSN when the MSN programs are about the same length and cost (as the BSN, of course the ADN would be cheaper).

    All of the nurses where I work suggest that I get the MSN but then again, they all have jobs and experience.

    Thanks for any input.
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  3. by   just_cause
    It will depend on the specialty, your geographic area, how the economy is looking at the time of your graduation. I'm not a MEPN student but a student with a prior bachelors that chose to obtain BSN vs the MEPN route.
  4. by   RosesRN
    I have a previous bachelors in marketing, and did an accelerated bachelors in definitely want to get a bachelors, don't bother with ADN programs... work a couple years and then do a part time MSN...the previous nursing experience it will help you figure out what type of master's to get as well.

    good luck! it will be a challenging journey, but, if you really want it then you will succeed. Nursing school is a pain in the a$$....but glad to be through!! i just graduated last month...
  5. by   KFoss
    thank you for your responses, i actually hate having so many choices lol!

    the only thing i am concerned about is that i think i am over my undergraduate limit for the stafford loans because i do have the graduate degree and i consolidated all of my loans already.
    does anyone know if nursing counts towards the professional degree mentioned for the direct plus loans?
    “direct plus loans

    direct plus loans are unsubsidized loans available to parents of dependent students, and to students enrolled in graduate or professional programs. these loans are available regardless of financial need and the amount of eligibility depends on the total cost of education.”

    i already have my application in for seattle u but don’t know how competitive i am going to be because i am taking micro and psych 200 right now and those people who already have those done are considered more competitive.

    also, i am just trying to finish up plu’s application but again, i won’t have chem 131 done before the application deadline, which is a prerequisite but i am almost done with all the co-requisite.

    i would be able to come close to paying for the adn out of pocket, maybe depending on hubby’s overtime and my wonderful mother loaning me some money. i would rather be in debt to her than another student loan :/ so like i said so many choices and when i think i have it nailed down, things change.

    roses623 - were you able to work during school? also, what school did you graduate from? how is the job search going?

    thanks again!

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  6. by   RosesRN
    Hi KFoss!

    Have you spoken with the school to let them know where you are at with the prereqs? I got accepted even though school started in a few months and I was still finishing up the last prereq...they just wanted it done by the first day of school, luckily, it was online, self pace, so I powered through. But admissions may be able to give you some advice if you haven't already spoken with them.

    I worked the second out of 3 semesters...the first semester of nursing school you just have to hold on tight for the ride, manage your stress, everything is new, it is a culture shock, you want to find out right away what text books you need to read and which ones you don't. the last semester was just too crazy busy and I am not Type A....I need my vegg time. I worked as a physician scribe in the emergency department...the shifts were between 8-10 hours...really great experience, I think that is what helped me ace the HESI (NCLEX predictor exam).

    I still got student loans for a second bachelors degree...all my previous loans were consolidated with Xpress Loans ($30k) I just put that on hold while in school (they are so awesome and wonderful, so helpful). I get a 6-9 month grace period for my nursing school loans so then I will consolidate them with the Xpress company ...and start paying it all off....$500/month, ouch!

    I got my degree in Maryland, at a small college/university. I went out of state. I am looking for jobs in Washington, Maryland and California (that's where I am from). I need to pretty much get my WA license and move there before anyone is going to take me seriously, I have gotten several calls from staffing agencies and hospitals explaining this....they have all been soo nice about it though. I was going to do a Critical Care new grad program at one hospital here in Maryland, and after going through all the rigamarole, they just called to say they canceled the program due to low census and budget....which most hospitals in the nation have cut the programs....but I just yesterday called the hospital next to my school and they were very enthusiastic and have given a lot of students in our program jobs already, event though they have not taken the NCLEX I think I might be getting hired there, albeit part time. California (the Bay Area) is inundated with new grad applicants. I applied to a VA hospital and 1200 people applied for 8 positions!!!! And the hospital probably already knew who they were hiring, they legally have to post the job. lame!

    Soooo, I think I just might have to get my initial experience here in MD.....but as soon as I pass the NCLEX (Feb 3) then I will endorse to CA and WA just to have those options later on, and it takes several weeks to go through. I am trying not to be depressed about staying here longer...however, I was glad I came here for school, it was an excellent program, cheap, and quick.

    Good Luck! I would go are going to want to do that eventually, and some hospitals only hire BSN. Just get the pain over with at one time!
  7. by   esty0916
    Hi RosesRN.

    What school in MD did you get your BSN through?

    How long did it take for you to finish the program?

    Was it difficult to get accepted?

    Did you apply for the nonresident tuition reduction program at the school you went to, or were you already MD resident?

    I am from CA and although I still have 2 more prereqs to finish (I have a BA in Psych), I have been considering moving to MD for BSN or AccBSN because here in CA it seems to take forever to get into programs/prereq classes.