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Hello to all, My apologies if this is a duplicate. I am new to this site. Currently I am finishing up Micro, and planning on taking Pre calc and Organic Chem in the fall. This will finish all my pre-req's needed. I am... Read More

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    I am also trying to prepare for the essay.......the recorded info session says that it will be two parts. One part a scenario, and the other a math word problem. She did say that the math will be very very simple......

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    Hey guys,

    the proctored essay is tomorrow and I was wondering if you guys could help me on we have to write in 5 paragraph essay form or just write one big paragraph?

    Anyone have any good topics to practice with ?
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    You guys im so nervous about today, I tried to come up with practice scenarios, something to do with leadership and what you would do in a particular situation, or something involving ethics. I am stressing my self out with this and I dont know what format they want it in either. Maybe they will let us know tonight. Good luck to you all and the math part I dont know about if there are no calculators involved im guessing its really basic.
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    I am stressing myself out too. I guess I am just going to go and put my best foot forward and whatever happens...happens.

    Good luck to you guys and don't forget your photo ID!
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    Do you think that it is imperative to have an RN write the letter of recommendation? I know that is suggested. Any thoughts?

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