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Hello to all, My apologies if this is a duplicate. I am new to this site. Currently I am finishing up Micro, and planning on taking Pre calc and Organic Chem in the fall. This will finish... Read More

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    Best of luck to you both! You have been putting so much time and effort into this oh so fun process, and seem on top of it. I'll cross my fingers for you! Anything else you want to know, just ask.
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    Hello All,

    I am applying to the BSN this Jan as well. I am hoping to get into this program, I was not accepted into the GEPN program .

    I have been working on more community service, homeless shelter, etc, and I have two volunteer roles at the hospital. I have over 500 hours in the hospital and I know exactly what nurses do, as well as CNAs. I do not have a CNA though, what else can I do?
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    Quote from twinkletoes12
    I haven't been on here in a long time, but I have just started UW's nursing program this fall. I don't know how I got in, but I did (first attempt). I am a post bach student and this is my second career. I would say a large portion of the current class already has a bachelor's degree, so don't be afraid that your chances are worse to get in if you have a bachelor's already. You will definitely want to have your CNA or some sort of other healthcare experience, not only for your app, but for when you actually get started in a program. You will not be learning very many basic skills. They presume you already know that stuff as you need experience to be accepted to begin with. I feel bad for the people who did not work as CNAs, they are really behind the rest of the class in my opinion. My GPA was totally average - 3.1 in prereqs and a 3.5 overall from previous degree. The proctored essay is not something you can prepare for. You just show up and answer the question or scenario. Definitely pick someone to write your recommendation who knows you WELL. The questions are very thorough and they want examples. It is going to take them a long time to do a good job on answering the questions for the letter of rec. Anything else you want to know, just ask.
    Did you have to submit letters of rec. for the post bac at UW? When did you apply as a post bac, before or after you were accepted to UW SON?
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    I applied for post-bach prior to the SON program. I did not submit any letters for the UW post bach application and did the quick only essay submission.

    As a note even after SON acceptance was granted... UW didn't have post-bachs being notified until late summer.... My recommendation is apply to the postbach UW application and meet the requirements.... put all efforts into the SON application - if you are accepted to SON and then simply had met the post bach application - then you should be good to go
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    On the BSN application instructions, it recommends you to apply to the UW as a post-bacc at least 2-4 weeks in advance of submitting the SON application. Don't forget the two copies of each official transcript that you must submit along with it.

    I would concentrate most of your effort on the SON application more than anything else.
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    Okay thanks everyone, I think I will focus on the SON application at this point. I went to the info session today.

    I do have a question for everyone, I got a 2.8 in ochem, but my overall NW grades are pretty good, 3.8, 4.0, 3.6, 3.8, etc., do you think that one NW grade that isn't the greatest is going to sink me? Its above 2.0, but how above do they want? Or is it possible to suck at one class and be good at the rest and still be accepted? It was a pre-med class at the time, and I have no idea why I got a 2.8!!
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    Honestly, I think UW cares a lot more about your well-roundedness then GPA. I am currently an undergraduate student at UW and have taken nutrition, chem 142, physiology, chem 220, math 124 and phil 240 (ethics) here so far. I have taken Stats, psychology, sociology, anthropology, and speech at bellevue college as well. I would not fret over 1 bad grade, or a slightly low gpa. If you listen to the SON podcast you will hear that volunteering including health care experience, GPA, extracurricular activities, your essay and you letter of recommendation are all weighted equally. The compitition is extreme, I would deffinitely get your CNA as this is very important.

    I will be applying this fall for fall admission 2011. Good luck!
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    I have also applied to UW's BSN for this fall. Has anyone received an e-mail yet? I haven't yet and I wanted to see if they are waiting to send all of them on the 12th or if I didn't make the cut for the proctored essay. Thanks!!
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    I haven't received any mail regarding the proctored essay yet either.
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    Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to prepare for the proctored essay even though some say it can't be done.

    Does anyone remember what their topic was or have any ideas or suggestions on what I can practice on? I want to have done a little writing before hand because I don't want to struggle.

    the ABSN topic was something like : Describe a scenario where you had to work in a team and use problem solving? I do remember it was about conflict, what did you learn and how did you resolve it, what did you learn and what will you take into nursing with you?

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