Any happy RN BSN nurses in the seattle area? Any happy RN BSN nurses in the seattle area? | allnurses

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Any happy RN BSN nurses in the seattle area?

  1. 0 Hi,I have read so many horrer stories/bad experiences in this forum that I am wondering if there are any happy nurses out here in the seattle area? I am thinking about renewing my RN licence but after reading about so many unhappy nurses I am having doubts whether to go into nursing again or not? If you loved your job or currently loving it, please share where and what speciality? Thanks!!
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    Too bad I'm not qualified to answer your question
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    Sorry CCL RN..I didn't mean to offend anyone. What I meant was are there any happy RN's in seattle area and which area? Thanks for your comment!!
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    hello, i wanted to let you know that there are nurses in seattle who love their careers. i graduated last year from seattle u and was offered a position at group health in their rn residency program six months later. i love my job on the oncology unit. most people give me that look of (oh oncology nursing, how sad), which i don’t understand why. many cancers are not death sentences anymore. i may just be lucky, but i’m having a blast working with the other nurses and the physicians. i have not gone home and cried myself to sleep. i feel so supported and have never felt abandoned by my preceptors. you should go back into nursing! i love being a nurse; it is so rewarding and is a respected profession. i had one man approach me on the bus last month to thank me for saving lives. the little things make me so proud to be an rn.