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Hi all! I am scheduled to interview for the WHC RN residency program this week- just wondering if anyone else has interviewed for this cohort or previous cohorts and if so how long until you found... Read More

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    Hey I have an interview next week, how did your interview go????

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    Good luck to those of you who are in the process of applying! The RN Residency is up always- so I applied well in advance. I went through the interview process. They asked many behavioral type questions and included some straight-forward scenario questions. Now a week and a half later, I received a job offer for 4F- the cardiac surgery step-down unit. Has anyone else accepted? I am moving from Colorado and will be looking for places to live/a roommate. If anyone is interested please feel free to PM me!
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    Thanks a lot for the pointers! I will be interviewing this week hopefully i get an offer and if so i would be commuting from delaware until i am able to afford housing or have a roommate to house with, washington dc is expensive to live in and also in the surrounding counties!

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    i got an email asking for additional information 10 days ago and didnt hear back yet.how long do they generally get back in?
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    I got the same email on Friday, hope to hear from them soon!!!
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    It took me eight days to receive my invitation to interview. It may take longer now that they are interviewing many people, arranging physicals, and getting things ready for the start up of the program. Good luck!! Let me know if you get in. I have decided to accept a position- Hope to see you all at orientation
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    let me know if u hear from them.i am just worried why didnt i get any email or call back yet. its been 3 weeks since they asked for additional information.i dont think i said anything to make them back out-lol.did anyone try calling to ask?

    elBSN.when did you apply.i applied end of august and was asked for additional info 3 days later.but nothing else yet.

    my gpa is 3.39-maybe thats why.i dont know.
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    I applied on friday the 14th and got a call on Wednesday the 19th for an interview...I guess it just depends on the amount of apps they have! The interview was last Friday the 21st. My recruiter was Britney, and I met the Director and Asst director along with 2 nurses on the unit that day! It went well! Praying that I get an offer this week! Hope you all get a phone call! Praying for you as well!
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    I got the job! See you all in October! Im on the 2F Medicine/Stroke unit!
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    congratulations-that is awesome!

    thank you for the prayers i called to get an update last week and they said they forwarded my resume to ER department but still havent heard back yet.either the ER department is slow in responding or they are not interested.i hope i hear something by next week

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