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Has anyone applied for the February 2014 residency program and heard back yet? I applied on 11/13, hoping to hear back soon. Would love to get into their ER. I completed my senior practicum in the ER and loved it!... Read More

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    Does the residency program accept old/new grads?

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    Has anyone heard anything about a second mass interview day?
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    Hi Coffee Lady,

    Do you know what types of questions were asked the mass interview and in the ED interview. I have an interview coming up on Tuesday and I'm not sure what to expect.
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    Hi Appleofeve1,

    I have an interview this Tuesday too. Best of luck, hope to see you there.
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    Hi LoveRN27,
    There is an interview coming up this Tuesday (1/21/14) but I don't think it's a mass interview because the interview invitation says interview will be with the recruiter and then the UniitbNurse director.
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    I interviewed with someone from HR first and got pretty basic questions such as why do you want to work here and a couple behavioral questions about conflict with co-workers or patients. My unit interview consisted of several clinical questions. I was terrified and not sure if I was doing very well, but I got the job! My biggest advice would be RELAX! Easier said than done, I know. Everyone there was SO nice and friendly which helped calm my nerves a little. I'm really excited to start next month! Good luck to those interviewing on Tuesday!
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    Hi Coffee Lady,

    Thanks for the info.
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    How did everyone's interview go on the 21st? Anyone else get a job offer? I'm so excited to start on the 24th!
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    I interviewed for the ED on 1/29/14 and didn't get the position. Through some luck, I went back in for a 2nd interview on one of the Cardiac Unit on 2/5/14 and got the job .

    I'll be starting with the Feb 24th group.

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