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Hi! I just wanted to start a thread on here for everybody else who got into the October Residency! Congrats to everyone who is already in, and Good Luck to everyone else interviewing this week... Read More

  1. by   One2RNvy08
    Quote from elBSN
    Hello all! I applied for the October 2012 RN Residency program - top 3 choices 1) cardiac surgery step-down 2) cardiovascular step-down 3) medicine cardiology. I would be well researched before the interview and always professional. I personalized my resume and cover letter specifically to the hospital. I am not sure if these things helped me get selected, but they can't hurt.

    I received an offer for the October 2012 residency on 4F-cardiac surgery step-down! I am moving from Colorado, so I will be looking for advice and a roommate or two! Good luck!! I hope to be seeing some of you in October
    Hey! thanks for the info a few days ago! I got a call the next day! I got the job! I'll see u in October! Im on the Medicine/Stroke unit!
  2. by   One2RNvy08
    Quote from New2DC
    Got the job I interviewed for too! They notified me the following morning. 4 weeks until we start!
    congrats!!!! See u then!!
  3. by   RN Anna
    Is anyone else in this program relocating and possibly looking for a roommate? I am hoping to avoid finding some creeper off Craigslist!
  4. by   elBSN
    I wish I had known there were others moving to the area looking for a roommate. I have already found somewhere to live. I am relocating to the area too. A lot of people live in columbia heights, along Wisconsin, or in MD. Unfortunately I don't know of anyone looking for a roommate- I wish you luck! See you in Oct
  5. by   grady88
    Hi! Has anyone gotten a temporary license or know how to get one? I have been trying to get answers from the DOH for weeks and can't get an answer!