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  1. 0 Hello everyone
    I recently received a job offer from Washington Hospital Center and thinking of moving to DC for practice. I'm an ER nurse and planning to work in ER and trauma center while in DC.
    Just wondering if anyone here actually work in the hospital(not necessary in ER) and can give a better picture about the hospital, please. Any info appreciated.
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    Very fast paced hospital and ER. Only 1 of 2 facilities that is trauma 1 hospital in the DC area. You'll see a lot of the inner residents that frequent the hospital. Nurses are overworked and under appreciated...sometimes short staffed. Place is a political landmine. But it's definitely a incredible place to learn and perfect your skills. Good luck.
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    Thanks for reply.
    What usually take someone to start working in a trauma center/room in the States? Any idea?
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    Hi, Anyone have any information on Provdience ER in DC? I have an interview there Friay for an RN position. How is the interview? Pay? How is the management.. etc. ANy info. would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    You may find it better if you made your own thread on Providence hospital but Congrats. Good luck.
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    Hey there, I worked at WHC for a year and a half up until this past December, and knew several people who worked in the ER. They said it's fast, but not super crazy..of course, shifts can always go either way. One thing they all said is everyone always gets out right on time, which is definitely a perk!

    I personally worked on a surgical/oncology floor, so I don't have much insight into the ER, but I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about the hospital in general.
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    Hey i was looking into WHC SICU...can you tell me anything about the hospital/unit etc?
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    I am trying to decide if I want to take a scholarship from WHC to attend Georgetown's accelerated nursing program this fall. I would commit to working at WHC for three years after the program. I would love to hear about your overall opinion and experience working there!
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    WHC is a teaching hospital so it is a great place to start out. It is also a Level 1 Trauma center and some hospitals in the area send their complex cases to WHC because there are so many resources available there.

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