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Hi, Does anyone know when to apply for the next RN residency program at Washington Hospital Center? I heard that there will be one in April, anyone has idea? Thank you in advance for any information!... Read More

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    I did the residency almost 2 years ago..and was working at WHC until this past December, and they run residencies pretty frequently..like every couple months!
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    I heard back relatively quickly (I forget how long, but only a few weeks before a call back), but that could just be luck of application timing and stuff. After the interview, I heard back in a few days.
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    Has anyone applied for the RN residency program at Washington Hospital center and have they heard back. I think the program starts in October. I have been actively looking for a job since June and all the hospitals have turned me down. I am starting to wonder if they is someone out there who will give me a chance
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    I applied for the 2012 October residency program last week and haven't heard back from them yet.
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    <-- Was interviewed for a position almost three weeks ago. Had an offer in my inbox when I woke up the next day. Good luck ladies!
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    Congrats! Me too going for the OR residency training this October, applied on August 20, got the job offer on August 27. At first I thought I did not make it. So glad I did, been waiting so long to get in a teaching hospital for OR training.
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    Just finished applying for October 2012. I know it's late- I hope that something works out. I graduated wayyy back in 2008 but have had limited experience due to starting a family and being a military spouse. I know my resume sucks but I feel like if I can get in there for an interview, then I can at least plead my case!

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