Washington Hospital Center RN residency - page 2

Hi, Does anyone know when to apply for the next RN residency program at Washington Hospital Center? I heard that there will be one in April, anyone has idea? Thank you in advance for any... Read More

  1. by   bluehenRN
    I applied for the 2012 October residency program last week and haven't heard back from them yet.
  2. by   PirateRN410
    <-- Was interviewed for a position almost three weeks ago. Had an offer in my inbox when I woke up the next day. Good luck ladies!
  3. by   jennusrn

    Congrats! Me too going for the OR residency training this October, applied on August 20, got the job offer on August 27. At first I thought I did not make it. So glad I did, been waiting so long to get in a teaching hospital for OR training.
  4. by   momathoner09
    Just finished applying for October 2012. I know it's late- I hope that something works out. I graduated wayyy back in 2008 but have had limited experience due to starting a family and being a military spouse. I know my resume sucks but I feel like if I can get in there for an interview, then I can at least plead my case!