Washington Hospital Center RN Residency February 2012 - page 2

Hello everyone, I applied to the Washington Hospital Center RN Residency February 2012 a few days ago and got an email requesting additional information. For those of you who are already in or had... Read More

  1. by   CSofRN1083
    Hello everyone,

    I have an interview for Washington Hospital Center RN Residency for Emergency Department. Does anyone know why types of clinical questions I should expect or how to prepare??? I graduated in May, so may be a bit rusty.

  2. by   thisdoll
    Hello everyone, i am interested in working in the SICU/Burn ICU at WHC. I graduate from a BSN prog this dec. Any1 knows when will the "RN internship/residency " application for winter new grads be out? Do they interview newgrads be4 they actually take their nclex?
  3. by   yourtuRN
    Hello All,

    I am a recent (December) graduate and received a request for more information identical to the one posted at the start of this thread. I replied immediately by voicemail and email and haven't heard back from the recruiter. Has anyone had a similar situation or is this most likely related to the holidays? There are a few other job offers on the table, but WHC is my first choice and I would like a chance to interview there before signing a contract.