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Hello everyone, I applied to the Washington Hospital Center RN Residency February 2012 a few days ago and got an email requesting additional information. For those of you who are already in or had been through this program,... Read More

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    where do you live cause traffic and commute will be tough either way unless you live in either city. The pay is much better at WHC but having John Hopkin's on your resume will land you a job anywhere you go for the rest of your life. With that being said, if you can work at WHC (work conditions, shortage, type of patients/diagnosis, politics), you can work anywhere. Both hospitals you will learn so, so much. I guess it depends on your preference and what exactly you trying to achieve. There both great hospitals to learn and build your skills.
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    thank you fashionistaRN!

    I live in Alexandria, VA. though I know its an easy commute for me to WHC, I keep thinking about the opportunity I am throwing away if I decide not to go to JHH..I heard about the significant difference in pay, but that doesn't seem to stop me from thinking about the JHH (at least for now).

    I really wanna do ICU but the offers to me from either hospital is not ICU - cardiac short stay with WHC, and Medical Intermediate care with JHH. I think I like the JHH position better, BUT I am not sure if one, is it worth it to lose couple of $$ per hour: second, worth the commute; third, if JHH training is great enough that it is worth to justify my first two points.

    ahhh...I think I am just talking out loud. any help/comment is appreciated. thanks
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    Hi all, I will be graduating from my nursing program this coming winter. I am interested in applying to the cardiac surgery stepdown unit at WHC. I am not familiar with this hospital or unit and was just wondering if anyone had any experience or could give me an idea of what the environment/climate is like for nurses on this unit or just at whc in general. Thanks so much for your help!!
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    Hello everyone,

    I have an interview for Washington Hospital Center RN Residency for Emergency Department. Does anyone know why types of clinical questions I should expect or how to prepare??? I graduated in May, so may be a bit rusty.

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    Hello everyone, i am interested in working in the SICU/Burn ICU at WHC. I graduate from a BSN prog this dec. Any1 knows when will the "RN internship/residency " application for winter new grads be out? Do they interview newgrads be4 they actually take their nclex?
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    Hello All,

    I am a recent (December) graduate and received a request for more information identical to the one posted at the start of this thread. I replied immediately by voicemail and email and haven't heard back from the recruiter. Has anyone had a similar situation or is this most likely related to the holidays? There are a few other job offers on the table, but WHC is my first choice and I would like a chance to interview there before signing a contract.

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