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  1. I just wanted to see if someone is currently going through the admissions process at Radians. I am applying for the LPN program. I wondered if it was difficult to get in. Does anyone have any information? If did this program I wondered if I could take the NPLEX in another state. I am a military dependent and I may have to take the exam in another state. Are there any students that have went through the program and had a positive experience?
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  3. by   confused33
    I am currently a student at Radians college. You can take the Nclex in other states. The problem with the school is they tell you 16 months but it much longer than that. Since attending that school, I have had one teacher that couldn't teach. They also have these test which are called Ati and Hesi, they are worth 40% of your grade. We started out with a class that had 24 people we are down to 12, some transferred and some failed. I say shop around check out Global Health Nursing School, I heard lots of positive things about them.
  4. by   Beeutiful
    I have so much to complain about this school. I joined in Sept 2007, its now 2009 and am still not done with my LPN. First of all the communication btwn the administrators and students is horrible. They lie about things. I was in the first batch of evening students who were introduced to the ATI testing. They told us they were just checking how we wld fare in the exam. We did the pharmacology ATI test and guess wat, they said those who failed cld not continue, can u believe it. Said it was a new school rule. So some of my classmates ended up going to VMT in DC. I had an unfortunate accident during my 2nd sem where i was audited by the IRS and had to pay them or they wld garnish my wages so I kinda had to drop out b4 my last sem. I kept contact with the school though and was regularly talking to a the Admin. They told me I cld resume in March this year so the whole of 2008 I stayed home, saving and excited that i wld go back to my last sem and finish. When i went back in March, I was rudely told that i had to repeat my 2nd sem and cldnt proceed. Can u believe it. I wasted a whole year waiting knowing I only had Med Surg II and Pediatrics to finally finish school, only to be told i have to repeat Maternity, Med Surg I and Mental Health all of which i had passed and scored B's. I am now searching for another school but i will report Radians College to the BBB for misleading me. Wat a waste of time. And also one more word of advise to anyone planning to attend Radians, anytime u pay for books, ur fees anything......ASK FOR YOUR RECEIPT. If u dont, they will act like u never paid. I know a few pple who've had to pay school fees twice because the accountant refuses to accept that he collected any money from them.
    I am still pysched and will go on to finish my LPN, and hopefully by God's grace go on to be an RN. I wont give up on my dream just because Radians sucks. They will get what they deserve for giving me misleading information.
  5. by   ladyday
    i presently attend radians college, and it is the worst. if you can, please, please, please go to another school. the teachers are rude especially the foreign ones. the administration is the even worst, they are supposed to help you but they frustrate the process even more. rude is not the extent of it they are downright nasty, along with the environment; the women’s bathroom is always filthy with over 70 females using it a day. the ati and hesi which is the final exam for most of the courses can be challenging if you don't have the study material for the test which are worth 30 -40% of your grade. the cost of the school is the highest in the area, with no parking in the heart of dc rush hour. the nursing home clinical sites are sometimes sketchy, with rude impatient instructors. but other than that, if you can tolerate all these issues, everything else seems like a walk in the park.

    please do your research; there are so many other schools in dc whose courses are for 1 year and not 18 months like radians. don't fall for the bait and switch!
  6. by   Chozenwoman
    Thanks for this information!! Anyone with more information send it to me!! I am looking for a good LPN school in DC .. How is Comprehensive?