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New Grad Battery Nursing exam (georgetown university hospital - page 3

Hi ALL, I am a new graduate nurse applying to georgetown university hospital in DC and was asked to do a career battery exam..Iv been reading other posts about it and it looks really hard to pass.... Read More

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    Hi everyone,

    I just took the battery exam last night. Does anyone know how long it would take to get a reply back? Also are there any other hospitals in DC that have the same type of program?
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    Hey MaraBella,

    How did things go? Did you hear back?
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    it's not just for new grads, it is for all new hires. i had to take a test when i applied there over a year ago. i was totally not expecting it. the answers are not in the same frame of mind of how they teach you to think in nursing school. it's not patient focused, it's anti law suit focused. good luck.
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    What kind of questions are included on this test is it more clinical based or judgement/personality based?

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