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Hi ALL, I am a new graduate nurse applying to georgetown university hospital in DC and was asked to do a career battery exam..Iv been reading other posts about it and it looks really hard to pass.... Read More

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    Quote from mswatson
    Ever since I started applying for positions, I've had nothing but rejection after rejection. This experience can be so disheartening that I didn't want to even look at another application site. So, I can honestly say that I know exactly how folks are feeling when the news is not good. As trite as it sounds, we need to hang in there...maybe, even take a break and do the app process in another time.
    Don't wait out too long because then you will be considered stale and have to hunt down the rare and elusive nursing refresher course. Hard to stay upbeat when you feel overwhelmed but put on a brave face. Good luck.

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    I applied and took the battery test the first week of October. No word yet...I'm really anxious to hear from them! My application status still says under review so I guess that's a good thing. Is anyone still waiting to hear whether they are moving on in the application process after taking the battery test?
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    Hey guys, this is the Washington state forum, not D.C.
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    Moving to DC forum
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    I am really interested in applying to the new grad program at georgetown, but I thought the application was not up until Nov. 22. Do we have to take some sort of exam before that? Any details would be great!
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    SSparks, it depends when you are graduating. If you will be graduating this December then the deadline has passed. If you aren't graduating until May my understanding is that they will repost the New Graduate Nurse Candidate Position for May graduates (I'm assuming that is the Nov. 22 posting?). After you apply you may be contacted to take the nurse battery exam (read previous posts on this thread for details). Then the next step would be the application packet and an interview. Each new step means your moving on in the process, my understanding is that you would get an email rejection if you weren't moving on and you would surely get an email detailing the next steps in the process of moving on if you are selected to move further along. I hope this helps, you may want to try calling the nurse recruiters (numbers on website), if you have further questions.
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    Hi everyone,

    I just took the battery exam last night. Does anyone know how long it would take to get a reply back? Also are there any other hospitals in DC that have the same type of program?
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    Hey MaraBella,

    How did things go? Did you hear back?
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    it's not just for new grads, it is for all new hires. i had to take a test when i applied there over a year ago. i was totally not expecting it. the answers are not in the same frame of mind of how they teach you to think in nursing school. it's not patient focused, it's anti law suit focused. good luck.
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    What kind of questions are included on this test is it more clinical based or judgement/personality based?

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