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Hi I am interested in hearing from anyone nurse who works in any Washington DC hospital. My daughter is applying for work as an RN to be closer to her boyfriend. Any suggestions as to what is... Read More

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    CHildren's is great (CNMC), pay is good, in 06 the starting rate was $25/hr, the internship program for new grads is good. I did PICU and the training was excellent. The new wing of the hospital is opening shortly , lots of new hight tech equipment, good staff, but depends on the unit

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    How is the pay @ Children's for someone with experience? What do you know about the working conditions in their CICU ?
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    You would have to contact Nurse recruitment for RN pay with experience. The CICU is also great.
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    I also work at Children's as a new grad and i absolutely love it here! The staff is so great and the new east tower building looks awesome. I can't wait until all the units move into the new tower. I think children's is a great place to start b/c their new grad programs for all the units are well designed. There are always a lot of experienced nurses around for support. Pay is also good compared to maryland hospitals. the only downside is the tuition reimbursement isn't as much as WHC (next door).
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    What units at Children's aren't so good? I'm looking at taking a job there (not as a new grad), and am interested in PICU or heme/onc. Any thoughts?

    Other questions about Children's - what about parking? Is it available nights and weekends if not during the day?
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    How is the commute to childrens in evening/nights from northern va ? Do you feel safe coming and going ? Is Georgetown any easier to reach ?
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    anyone know the childrens shift diffs. are there weekend-nights?? thanks for your replys
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    For the 7p-7a shift it is base +25% base. The night shift duirng the week is base +15%base. These are based on the 7p-7a shifts

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