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  1. i'm a nursing student graduating in may 08. i am moving to maryland/dc area and i would like to start working as well as go for my bsn.

    rn to bsn
    i've researched some schools such as umd, udc, gtown and catholic. which all have rn to bsn programs. for those of you taking these classes or have already taken these classes..... questions.
    1) what did you think of the program?
    2) how accommodating are the classes with a work schedule? (from other posts it seems that gtwon is all school and no work)

    i have no clue where to start. i'm fresh out of school i need experience! so i think that a hospital setting is a good place to start or maybe you have a better idea (clinics, dept of health etc). i see that gw hospital has a tuition reimbursement program definite plus but how accommodating are they for those of us in school. there are so many hospitals in the dc metro area to work i hope to find one that supports students going for their bsn. any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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