GWU or Marymount accelerated BSN 2010/ want info on GWU's online program courses

  1. 0 Hi, I was accepted to both GWU's accelerated BSN program for fall, 2010, as well as Marymoun University. I'm trying to decide between the two but want more information about GWU"S program. Specifically, has anyone gone through the program, (although I know it's a fairly new program) and can provide information on course intensity/ as well as how you felt about the extensive online courses that exist as part of the course curriculum. I'm unsure this online/virtual structure of several courses is best for me, since I learn best in an interpersonal/physically hands-on environment. I am impressed with GWU's newer facilities, affiliations for clinicals as well as it's VA location, (ideal for me). Marymount's class schedule appears to be more realistic, but also it's a personal perspective/opinion on much of this criteria. Both schools are quite costly and I was surprised to learn Marymount was actually a few $$$$ less than GWU. Any thoughts, especially in regards to these "graduate level" online courses that are part of the undergrad. BSN???

    ps. I need to make a decision this week, so any info, is much appreciated!!!

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    Congrats on your acceptance to both schools. I'm curious to know which one you decided to go with and why?
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    I am curious to know as well.
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    Also where are people living in that area? DC is expensive

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