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Hello! I am from Arizona and I am looking into George Washington U. Does anyone have any information? Have you heard anything? Bad? Good? Thanks very much!... Read More

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    that sounds great!! but again GW does not have RN to BSN or RN to MSN program, right? i called them, and they only offer the accelerated program. 90% of tuition paid sounds really good!

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    Check out Washington Hospital Center's program with Georgetown's 2nd Degree Program: and

    I went to Georgetown's 2nd degree program and now work at the WHC's ED. Of course, I graduated the semester before they started this program! Best of luck!
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    Georgetown also has a scholarship opportunity with Washington Hospital Center - 80% tuition is covered if you work for WHC after you graduate. GWU is known for it's great medical grad programs (and some of their other undergrad), so I'm sure their nursing program WILL be good, but I saw they only took 25 people for fall, and I would be hesistant to attend such a new program myself (although I'm sure, as I said, it will become a very respectable one based on the caliber of many of their other related courses/degrees).
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    although this is a year later, does anyone want to comment on their GWU BSN experience thus far? How enjoyable and challenging is it? I was accepted to GWU as well as another school and really would like more information on GWU from actual students there.
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    GW is my first choice and I was wondering what your stats were as far as gpa, science prereqs etc.
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    For any students who have attended the GWU ABSN program, is it at all possible to live in DC proper during the program? I am a home owner, so I really cannot move and I'm not sure how far away the clinicals are... I see some start at 7am, but was unsure if they are flexible in site assignments for those with a difficult commute (e.g. can assign clinicals closer to DC)...
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    Hi All!

    I have a lot to say about the GWU program. I'll be one of the second graduating classes. The program is accredited! We to clinical rotations in DC and Northern Virginia. The professors are very willing to help you learn, they know all of us by name. I believe they are working very hard to make this a wildly successful program. I will suggest you beware the program is new, and you may be required to be flexible. Communication with your professors and a good grasp of your prereqs. is crucial. Also, you must be an excellent time manager. There are a lot of papers, exams, and in some classes weekly quizzes (the first semester). I would not plan on doing much else except for nursing school.

    I also would expect to have a car. We have a few people that come from DC, and it is totally feasible if you drive. The drive to Ashburn is 45-1hour, however northern Virginia is often referred to as the worst traffic in the country. You will also be having 1-2 days of clinical a week once you start class, and will have to drive. Not all hospitals are on the metro lines. We have shuttle system from Foggy Bottom to Ashburn, which some students use. Those coming rom DC who do not have a car seem to be struggling with the burden of transportation. Now that the class size will be bigger, and with the number of nursing schools in the area, I WOULD NOT count on the idea you'll get the hospital you want. We were able to switch around this year, but I can't guarantee it'll work for the next class. I would A) Get a car and B) live between Ashburn and Arlington or Fairfax.
    Living in Ashburn is a bit secluded if you're young, it's a very large suburb and takes an hour or so to get downtown DC.

    Good luck! The GWU nursing program is a blast and certainly a leader in changing nursing education (Yay simulation!).
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    My application is finally under review. Yay!
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    Hey, glad to hear information about the program from someone in the program! I got accepted a month ago. I also was accepted to Johns Hopkins. I live in Falls Church, so GW is obviously preferable.

    Are you still happy with the program? Do you think you are going to have a good shot at getting a good job right after graduating?

    Are there any scholarships availbe to help with the tuition?

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